Russian plane over Finland.  Kremlin warning?

A Russian military aircraft violated Finnish airspace on Monday morning off the coast of the Gulf of Finland, near the town of Loviisa, the local Ministry of Defense said. The accident coincided with the launch of the Finnish Air Force’s first mission within NATO.

On Monday afternoon, the Finnish Ministry of Defense published a statement stating this A Russian plane has violated this country’s airspace.

The machine was supposed to start in the morning On the Gulf of Finland near the city of Lovisa, about 90 km from Helsinki.

“We take this very seriously.” The investigation is ongoing

We read: “The plane was in Finnish airspace for approximately two minutes.” According to the report, he was supposed to fly It reaches a depth of 2.5 km inside Finland. – We take this suspected land violation very seriously and have launched an investigation – Minister przekazz obrony Antti Häkkänen.

See: Statement of the Armed Forces Operations Command. The fighters were captured

The matter is being investigated by the Finnish Border Guard.

“former A confirmed violation of Finnish airspace by Russia occurred in August 2022When two Russians MiG-31 fighters The plane entered Finnish airspace near the city of Porvoo for about two minutes.

A historic moment – the first mission within NATO

The accident coincided with the start of… The Finnish Air Force’s first mission within NATO. On Monday, seven F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets began operations related to… It patrols the airspace over Romania and Bulgaria As part of the mission Air shielding.

As reported by the Finnish news agency STT. The machines are stationed at the Romanian base near Constanta. It was emphasized that “there are only a few hundred kilometers left to the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula, including the Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol.”

Finland joined NATO in April last year.

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