Ukrainian revolutionaries obtained secret Russian documents.  It's about missile production

The Ukrainian Tatar resistance movement Atysh obtained secret Russian documents related to the production of cruise missiles in the Russian Federation. The fighters shared their discovery on social media.

Representatives of the Atesz resistance group announced on social media that they had seized it Secret Russian information In connection with the production of Kh-32 supersonic air-to-surface cruise missiles created in the Russian Federation.

He said, “We reported earlier that our client infiltrated an arms factory in the city of Dubna (…). We obtained information about production plans and real possibilities companies,” they reported.

Ukrainian revolutionaries obtained secret Russian documents

According to members of the party group, it is a Russian company Production plans for 2022 were not supposed to be implemented. The Director of the Department of the Defense Industrial Complex of the Russian Federation, Andrei Peregudov, allegedly demanded that the company director increase the production of a certain type of missile.

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Traffic reports also indicate that the company is planning Production of 224 missiles in 2024 However, the information provided shows that this may not be possible because the manufacturer – as in previous years – is having difficulty fulfilling orders on time.

Leaking of secret Russian documents

This is another case of leaking secret Russian documents. Recently, journalists from the Financial Times reached… Military files of the RussiansWhich described scenarios for the use of tactical nuclear weapons in the event of a Chinese invasion.

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“The documents show that the operational threshold for the use of nuclear weapons isvery low, “If the desired result cannot be achieved by traditional means,” Alexander Gabuyev of the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center in Berlin told the Financial Times.

The files allegedly show that this threshold was a combination of factors that involved losses suffered by Russian forces “It will lead to irreversible failure By failing to stop the enemy's main aggression.” “Critical situation For the security of the Russian state.

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