January 28, 2023


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Siły rosyjskie zbombardowały w sobotę obóz wojskowy w Charkowie. Zginęło czterech żołnierzy Gwardii Narodowej Ukrainy.

The bombing of the Kharkov military camp there are casualties

Russian forces bombed the military camp in Kharkiv on Saturday. Four soldiers of the Ukrainian National Guard were killed.

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The authorities report on the “brutal bombardment” of civilian infrastructure in the city.

“An enemy aircraft dropped bombs on a military town during the night from Friday to Saturday. Four soldiers were killed and wounded,” Ukrainian Pravda reported, citing the National Guard Command.

The authorities of the Kharkiv region also reported that the city was being brutally bombed. Aviation attacked the Unifecht – Kharkiv sports base at 14 Jarosza Street. It is an entirely civil facility, and it is a residential property – Roman Semenukh, deputy head of the regional authorities, told Ukrainian “Pravda”.

Russian warplanes continue their brutal bombing of the city, especially the center – The official reported.

The portal Suspilne Kharkiw published photos of the destroyed sports complex, which belongs to the Kharkiv National University named after Vasyl Karazin.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine announced that as of 16:00 Poland time, approximately 10 multi-storey housing complexes were subjected to air attacks.

At 20.02 Polish time, the city’s anti-aircraft alert was again announced.

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