Corona Virus.  France: Paris introduces mandatory outdoor masks

This obligation applies to persons over 11 years of age “excluding persons inside cars, cyclists and other road users as well as persons engaged in recreational sports” – the police announcement said.

The wearing of masks will also apply in Paris in places open to the public “except for the Parc de Boulogne and the Forest of Vincennes”. There will be no accompanying passenger access to Paris Charles de Gaulle, Le Bourget and Orly airports.

“Regular and enhanced inspections will begin on Friday, especially in the capital’s busiest places,” the press release said.

Wearing masks inside public buildings and on public transport is already mandatory across France. People who do not adhere to the rules will be fined 135 euros.

At the same time, the prefecture announced a ban on “all dance activities in public places.” Discos in Paris are closed from December 10 and will also be closed for three weeks in January after that. It was also forbidden to drink alcohol outside the city.

During New Year’s Eve, 9,000 people will watch the bases in Paris. Police and gendarmes.

In France, the day before, a record daily increase in infections with the Coronavirus was detected – 208,000. Cases. According to official data, about 77 percent. The French people have been fully vaccinated, reducing hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19.

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