PS5 and XSX expected to score |  S Very good results in 2022. AMD will deliver and promise strong months

In 2021 there will be a constant shortage of PS5 and XSX consoles | S stand-by in the market, but the situation is expected to improve in the coming months. AMD was impressed by the great interest in the hardware and announced the delivery of components that will allow Sony and Microsoft to develop more consoles with ease.

Entered PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | The market is in a difficult time, but the situation is expected to improve in the coming months. Lisa Sue commented on the interest in hardware, which confirms this AMD will provide more components, thanks to which console manufacturers will be able to develop new hardware.

We are still increasing production. We expect 2022 to be another year of solid growth for consoles. If you look at a typical cycle, the peak period is usually in the fourth year. And so you can expect 2023 to be the year of the biggest growth.”

The CEO of AMD confirms that in 2022 more devices will appear on the market, but only in the next 12 months (2023) will we see the greatest increase in the availability of consoles and perhaps the same interest.

We can doubt that during this period more and more next generation games will appear on the market, which will be available exclusively on PS5 and XSX | S.

It’s hard to predict what the coming months will look like at the moment, but hopefully the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions will arrive | Regular S games are finally on the market, and players won’t have to buy bundles with games or accessories.

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