Waszyngton zaleca, by Rosjanie nie jechali do Warszawy nie mając umówionego terminu wizyty (fot. PAP/Tomasz Gzell)

The US State Department confirmed that Russians wishing to apply for an entry visa to the United States must go to the US Embassy in Warsaw. Washington asserts that the complications are caused by the restrictions imposed by the authorities of the Russian Federation.

The United States asks Russian diplomats. There is a position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The spokesman said … It is not new that Russian diplomats apply for a visa extension after three years in the United States …

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The decision of the authorities Russia ban United State The spokesperson clarified that the retention and employment of Russian or other foreign workers severely restricts our ability to provide consular services county administration Ned Prince in a statement transmitted to Agence France-Presse. Such a ban Kremlin Released in August, resulting in the need to lay off nearly 200 employees.

“The radically limited number of consular personnel in Russia currently prevents us from issuing visas or providing services to US citizens,” the spokesman added.

Price indicated that Washington He understands that “this is an important change for visa applicants” and recommended that applicants not go to the Polish capital without an appointment at the local embassy.

The spokesperson admitted that the solution was not ideal, but such a decision was made after analyzing several criteria, “including distance and accessibility.” By air connection, the convenience of applicants, the presence of Russian-speaking people among the local employees. ”

Russia is like Cuba and Somalia

The State Department also added Russia to the list of countries where the United States does not have a consular office or where it cannot issue visas due to political circumstances or threats. in this way Russian Federation Countries like . have joined Eritrea, Iran, Cuba, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela if To whom.


In response to Washington’s decision Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova It stated that the United States had long “destroyed” the consular system in Russia, making what should be a routine technical procedure “a real hell”.

Read also: US State Department: There will be further talks with Russia regarding embassies

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