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About the possible resignation of the head of the Ministry of Defense German teaches, among other things “Build”. However, it is not known when exactly Lambrecht will step down.

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Germany. Bild: Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht plans to resign

“Bild” asserts that Lambrecht is not very popular with Germans – w.d vote Top 20 support Politician took the last place. According to the unofficial results, SPD politician Eva Högel will succeed Parliamentary Commissioner for the German Armed Forces since May 2020.

The daily enumerates Christine Lambrecht’s recent mishaps, such as the fact that she did not know the ranks of the German army and, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, announced the transfer of five thousand helmets from Berlin to Kyiv.

The German Defense Ministry did not comment on the media reports.

bloomberg In turn states that Germany Next week they will decide to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Lambrecht is expected to announce this officially during a meeting at the US military base in Ramstein.

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