Ukrainian rear attacks.  The Russians are angry

According to American experts The Study of War Institute (HEI)Ukrainian attacks on the rear cause of the Russians Dissatisfaction in the Russian information space I Criticism of the Russian leadership. This information appeared in the latest analysis published by the ISW.

According to the institute’s experts, the Ukrainian attacks carried out on enemy territory and the increasing reluctance of Russian soldiers towards their command are part of the strategy and goal of the Ukrainians.

According to ISW information, some Russians are called Military bloggers Complain about the Russian forces They do not defend the Russian lands from attacks. According to a Russian source, Leela with From August 19 to 20 Russian anti-aircraft defenses were not activated to defend against an attack on Kursk railway station.

Ukrainian attacks. Russian air defense under pressure

British Ministry of Defencey noted that the Russian leadership air forces Most likely he is under a lot of stress Improve air defenses over western Russia. w The range of threats to its territory has increased in recent months.

Experts from ISW also write about Part of the Russian so-called military bloggers was outraged by the latter Ukrainian attacks on the bridge which leads to its inclusion Crimea.

“Bloggers” called the Russian troops to Attacks on families and homes Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, which, in their opinion, will prevent further attacks on the Russian rear.

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