“Closer”, “Gladiator”: On-screen fashion mishaps.  Have you noticed them?

One of the fashion mishaps that fans of the film noticed.”No, no, Earth“Directed by Damien Chazelle. In one of the scenes, Sebastian, the character he plays, appeared Ryan GoslingHe drives the car in a brown shirt.

In the next scene, he goes to his apartment to meet his sister, and this time he is wearing… a blue shirt. Considering that the scenes occur one after another, it can be assumed that the hero did not have the opportunity or time to change his clothes. Then Sebastian sat down at the piano and came back wearing the brown shirt.

The 1984 film “Amadeus” won eight Oscars, including Best Costume. However, the creators could not avoid an unfortunate incident in the form of… Modern metal locks. In some scenes you can see that The costumes contain zippers, which certainly did not exist in the 18th century. The error is especially clear to viewers who attach importance to historical parallels in films.

Julia Roberts She repeatedly expressed her reluctance to appear in nude scenes in one of her initial films I accidentally showed too much on the screen. In one scene in “Pretty Woman,” Vivian, played by Roberts, approaches Edward Richard (Richard Gere). At some point, the actress’s breasts became exposed. It only takes a minute, and many viewers may not have noticed. For this reason, it can be assumed that this action was not intentional.

Julia Roberts isn’t the only example of an actress who accidentally reveals too much on screen. Natalie Portman In the movie “Aqrab” in 2004, she appeared in several very brave scenes. When her character, shown in just her underwear, is talking to Larry (Clive Owen) in a separate room at the club, she lies down, crossing her legs and dropping her bra very low.

“Gladiator” is another example of a historical film that didn’t avoid costume mishaps. The main character participates in many battles, but the creators were not sure that his outfit was one hundred percent perfect. Under Maximus’ jacket you can see… modern lycra shorts, Which cyclists wear nowadays.

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