The chestnut trees have blossomed.  Time for final exams

High school exam this year It will start on May 7 and run until May 24.

– Written exams run from May 7 to 24, and oral exams from May 11 to 16, with the exception of May 12 and May 20 to 25, says Jolanta Misiak, spokeswoman for the Lublin Education Board.

This year, 17,718 people from 219 schools in Lublin Province took the high school graduation exam.

Secondary school graduates will take compulsory exams in three subjects at the basic level. here they are:

  • Polish
  • mathematics
  • Modern foreign language

In addition, they will undergo oral exams in the following subjects:

  • Polish language – without specifying the level
  • Modern foreign language – without specifying level
  • National Minority Language – no level specified (only graduates of schools or departments that speak the language of instruction of a particular national minority)

In addition, high school graduates must take the high school leaving examination once in any subject at the advanced level.

– The graduate may also take an additional examination in a maximum of five additional subjects. Misiak adds that high school graduates’ choices in this field are often dictated by employment requirements set by universities.

The most popular topics covered at advanced level are:

  • English – 9477 people
  • Geography – 3976 people
  • Mathematics – 3908 people
  • Polish language – 2675 people

Matura 2024 will be held in two formats, i.e. Formula 2023 and Formula 2015.

15,454 people will take the exam in 2023. These are graduates of a 4-year general secondary school (first or subsequent time), a 5-year technical secondary school (first time), a second-cycle vocational school on the basis of an 8-year primary school (first time Once). (for the first time), persons who have obtained a 4-year secondary school general education certificate of completion on the basis of external examinations (for the first time), graduates of post-primary secondary schools (with exceptions; for the first or subsequent time) and graduates of international branches with an International Baccalaureate diploma (for the first time). Once).

In the 2015 format, 2,251 people will participate. They are graduates of all types of schools from previous years, i.e. a 3-year general secondary school, a technical school that implements the 3-year general secondary program, a 4-year technical secondary school, a specialized secondary school and a 3-year general secondary school. Youth supplementary technical high school, general supplementary high school, graduates of the second stage of junior high school vocational school (first or later) and persons who have obtained a 3-year general secondary school completion certificate on the basis of external examinations.

– The works of high school graduates will be examined by examiners. Certificates, certificate annexes and information on secondary school leaving examination results will be delivered to schools by district examination boards by July 9 this year. On the same day (July 9), the national results of this year’s high school graduation examination will also be announced, Misiak summarizes.

The editorial office of “Dzień Wschód” will be on Tuesday (May 7) at the sixth secondary school. Hugo Collatage in Lublin. We will check how this year’s high school graduates deal with stress a few minutes before the most important exam in their lives. In addition, teachers from this school will solve the examination papers for this year’s secondary school leaving examination and we will present the results in the afternoon. On Wednesday we will present papers from the queen of sciences – mathematics. Check out our website!

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