TVP lost in court over a film about "invasion of LGBT ideology".  "Polish law does not allow homophobia" |  Policy

On October 10, 2019, three days before the parliamentary elections, Polish TV A short film called “Invasion” was released. It was meant to prove that LGBT organizations bring people to equality marches and attack church Catholics, they want to “indoctrinate” children, and they are even calling for the legalization of pedophilia.

Campaign Against Homophobia sued for personal rights violation. The organization demanded payment via TVP 10 thousand PLN for social purposes and the issue of apology in the main issue “Messages“.

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On Monday, the Warsaw District Court recognized the association’s demands. Not only should Polish television issue an apology, but the money should also be donated to the Lambda Warszawa Association (which helps people in a difficult situation because of their psychosexual orientation or gender identity).

As reported by KPH, TVP has also been banned from distributing “Invasion” in any form.

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What rules do TVP journalists work by?

“Invade”. TVP loses in court with KPH

In an oral judgment, Judge Joanna Kruczkowska indicated, among other things, that the recordings used in the “invasion”, which were provided to TVP by a woman working for Telewizja, posing as a KPH volunteer, were obtained illegally. The judge drew attention. to the one-sided semantics of the material, as well as the use of the method of manipulation in recordings from outside Poland.

Today’s court statement confirms this once again polishing The law does not condone homophobia. Both LGBT people and organizations can assert their rights if they become victims of hate speech. There are legal tools for this defined in the Civil Code. The media, especially the general media, should not publish untrue, harmful and homophobic material. This contradicts the principles of journalism ethics and the law – comments Jacob Tursky, legal advisor representing KPH.

Monday’s court ruling is not final.

Court ruling regarding the movie “LGBT Invasion”. TVP shall pay compensation

In June, the Warsaw District Court found that TVP violated the personal rights of the people whose photos appeared in the movie “Invasion”. At that time, Telewizja Polska was ordered to issue an apology and pay more than 35,000 PLN. PLN for social purposes and payment of compensation.


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