The sequence from John Wick 4 was created thanks to Amelia
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September 5, 2023, at 16:33

The stunning action scene on the steps of Paris in John Wick 4 is inspired by one of the most iconic romantic comedies. Chad Stahelski told how the stuntmen reacted to the site.

Image source John Wick 4; monastery. Chad Stahelski; lionsgate; 2023


The text contains spoilers for John Wick 4.

w Johnny Wiko 4 Viewers got to see how the main character sneaks through the streets of Paris to avoid his killers, which eventually leads him to the stairs of the Sacred Heart Basilica.. There, duels take place in which John Wick must defeat his opponents with a melee weapon or in a fist fight (video The New York Times).

Said conflict appeared on the show thanks to adulation Chadda Stahelskijo For the 2001 romantic comedy film – Amelia. The director stated that the low staircase opposite the basilica’s main entrance was not impressive for the stunt crew that was with Stahelski. Just to the left of the church, the filmmakers found what they were looking for:

As soon as we saw these stairs, we immediately smiled. Everyone immediately knew what we were going to do here. Words were not needed to communicate. Just big smiles.

Stunts coordinator Scott Rogers described the director in an interesting way. The man stated that Chad Stahelski was like a kid trying to figure out what to do with said drawer. However, the creator himself had not done anything in the past – while working as a businessman.

Chad Stahelski’s attitude shows that inspiration can be found everywhere. Even in films whose genre is very different from what is being created here and now. Amelia The film remains very popular to this day John Wick 4 It turned out to be a great action production, and fans of the series are sure to remember its ending for a long time.

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