March 26, 2023


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She-Hulk - MCU heroine in graphics.  Is the series late?

She-Hulk – MCU heroine in graphics. Is the series late?

warning! This content is a rumour, or may be proven true but is not necessary.

Some time ago, we reported a rumor about the show Strong woman About creative issues behind the scenes. Now there is a new rumor that the show will be postponed because of this until the end of 2022 (November-December) or even January 2023. We don’t know exactly what the problem is, but we do know that the show will be a comedy about breaking the fourth wall (addressing the viewer), so it’s unusual Exactly and may not be all here. At the moment, this is a rumor that no one can confirm or deny.

Other rumors suggest spoilers should leak soon as Marvel Studios and Disney+ work on special effects with several companies around the world to speed up post-production that continues to take longer in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.

She-Hulk – Graphics

We have seen the graphics before, but now they are in better quality and you can have a better look at the superhero. This is how Tatiana Maslany looks like Hulk’s cousin.

Tim Roth In a new interview, he praised the actors’ performance Tatiana Maslana And promises to quote “jaw drop”. Everyone who watched orphan black She knows she is an outstanding actress.


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