Gdynia Film Festival.  On the red carpet Kulig, Figura, Olejnik, Foremniak, Szumowska … (photos)

A group of film industry stars appeared at the 46th Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. Among them, among others Paweł Pawlikowski with Małgorzata Bela and Oscar winner Alan Starsky. Look who came too

46th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia It was an event long awaited by the Polish film industry. The opening took place on Monday and Saturday The grand finale.

16 films competed for the Golden Lions award in the main competition. The winner was “All Our Fears” directed by ukasz Ronduda and ukasz Gutt. She was awarded the Platinum Lion for her lifelong artistic achievement Agnieszka Netherlands.

A galaxy of stars appeared on the red carpet. Among them, among others Katarzina Figura, MacyjStore, Magorzata Szumowska, Monica Olignik, Joanna College Or an Oscar winner Alan Starsky.


43 minutes ago

Pawlikowski is almost 65 years old and still a sexy man.

Czech Zawrucha from the fire station

Mr. Pawlikowski and Mrs. Bela are absolutely perfect. I say this with admiration, because my career and my accomplishments go hand in hand with a great category.


Pawlikowski, master. technically and visually

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Very cool, it supports, for example, what they like from behind, time is not only for words, let it open, partner can also relieve the pressure of those on the border in their pants, short actions not words I support

These brutal pants and all this textile circus, exaggerated narcissistic industry. Nuuuuuuda, nothing happens.

Dabska is the best. Agata Konarska class. I made a pact with the devil

M Dębska looked bad because he looked good among the kloszardów parade, regarding kloszardów because they look like that because of difficulties, and these artists look like that because of their lack of taste and elegance

Funeral, atmosphere and creations. Maria Dubska was one of the few who looked like a festival rather than a funeral.

Macyj is just a cake, a great actor, a great good man

All outfits are awful

Who are they and what do they really need??? They completely shamed themselves by supporting a quarter of an intelligent man named Paula


I love Olejnik’s style, but what she made of her partner came as a shock. No, no, bad, he was very manly and now he is a feminist.

Jenny what’s really comforting is that the movie folks and not the rosinkie butterflies and other nameless butterflies

What is this drive

7 minutes ago

They are all vaccinated or not, with no rags on their faces? Because the shops are still chasing us .. And here is what?

Mrs. Dapska is as beautiful as spanking and the dress is beautiful, these are real stars and no dodi

Foremniak looks beautiful! She should play more in movies, not romantic comedies, she’s such a cute actress, you can drown in those eyes! Recently I started following her on Instagram – a very positive artistic spirit, she does not advertise garbage and she is very cute

Probably Olejnik from “Stokrotka”

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