June 3, 2023


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Claudia Drisy does not go to church.  revealed why

Claudia Drisy does not go to church. revealed why

Many celebrities are reluctant to comment on faith, considering it too personal.

There are also those who openly cut themselves off from the church and who, on the contrary, speak of their religiosity.

At a recent event, our reporter asked Claudia Al-Darsi if she was insured.

The star did not hesitate to talk about her faith and honestly admitted her approach to him.

Claudia Al-Darsi admitted that although she is a believer, she rarely appears in church.

Interestingly, he regrets it! So why not go to the masses and services more often?

She also added that she was very religious in her childhood and adolescence, only as she grew up taking faith in the background.

You can watch the full interview with Klaudia El Dursi below: