December 9, 2022


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Thor: Love and Thunder – Perhaps Gore was like a beast. concept art guide

Christian Bell Like Gore the butcher of the gods in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder He collected good reviews from viewers, but some fans of Marvel comics criticized the creators for deviating from his distinctive image. It turns out that even outlandish ideas were taken during pre-production work. Ken Barthelemy posted two infographics showing that the idea of ​​making him a rather scary monster was considered, which at the same time was much more different than the original comic book.

Thor: Love and Thunder – sketches

The diagrams are also reminiscent of earlier drawings showing Russell Crowe as the Devil.

Tbor 4 – What is the movie?

In the movie, Thor is tired of fighting and decides to find peace away from superhero affairs. However, his retirement is interrupted by the appearance of Jura the butcher of the gods, a powerful villain who has set himself the goal of killing all the known gods in the world. In order to stop the opponent, Thor recruits a team that includes Guardians of the Galaxy and Jane Foster, who turns out to be ruling Mjolnir.

Thor: Love and Thunder Jshown on cinema screens.

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