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Alexandre Miloyo Baron showed a video on Instagram that touched netizens. The musician has published previously unreleased recordings with Sandra Kubica in the title role. In the description, he addressed his beloved directly: “This is how I see you when no one is watching.”

The Baron showed unreleased recordings of Sandra Kubica

Sandra Kubica and Aleksandar Miloju-Baron have been one of the hottest couples in the Polish show business for several months. The model and musician officially announced that they were in a relationship in October 2021. Since then, the lovers have been happy to share joint snaps with fans, sparing each other tenderness. Recently, the couple went on vacation to the Maldives. The trip coincided with a special holiday – Sandra’s birthday. in this occasion The 39-year-old decided to post a unique video with his sweetheart on Instagram. Added a short caption to the yet unpublished footage:

This is how I see you when no one is looking.
Misu Kubisu, I wish you to stay healthy, beautiful, and happy on your way to your greatest dreams and goals! – We read under the publication of the Baron.

The birthday post caused a very enthusiastic reaction from the couple’s fans. Under the recording, there have been a lot of comments from netizens and netizens.

It looks great on you, hold it tight and don’t let it fall

I’m fucking stupid, but I’ll say it. Mr. Alexander, I’m glad you like Sandra. I’m happy for you. For her and for the Lord, please don’t turn back anymore and appreciate each other

It’s so nice to look at you

completely touching

How pretty…but she must be happy after seeing this. Much love to all

Take care of your love

May your joint journey continue and be long – Kubicka and Baron fans comment.

Sandra Kubica celebrates her 28th birthday in the Maldives

Sandra Kubica and Alexandre Miloyo Baron share joint snaps on social media from time to time. Lovers love to travel and willingly post excerpts from their travels on Instagram. Birthday parties have become their traditions.

Recently, there are more sunny photos and recordings in the model’s virtual gallery. Sandra is resting with her lover in the Maldives. celebration holiday 28th birthday He will surely remember for the rest of his life. On Instagram, she revealed how she spent this special day.

I spend my birthday like today. We swam to a deserted island and swam with turtles. It’s amazing how my priorities have changed over the years. I used to celebrate my birthday great by throwing birthday parties in 3 different countries and today I am sailing to an island where there are no people. Granny Sandy takes it to the next level The model admitted.

Sandra Kubica cries in a shocking confession. Few knew what he was going through [WIDEO]

Sandra Kubicka posted powerful recordings on the Web, where she burst into tears. In this way, I decided to talk about the problems that you face on a daily basis. Until now, only those close to the beloved Baron knew what he was going through.

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