Gondola lift price list in solina.  What is the price of a regular ticket and how much is a discount ticket?

Polskie Koleje Linowe has published a price list of gondola tickets. This is the most awaited news, regardless of the opening date. Is it expensive or cheap?

The cost of a regular two-way ticket purchased in the online store is PLN 32 (reduced) and PLN 39 (regular), at the ticket office PLN 35 and PLN 45. One-way 32 zlotys (regular) and 26 PLN (reduced). Family 2 + 1 – 99 PLN Family 2 + 2 – PLN 119. Another child 25 PLN. Additional charge for luggage, dogs and stroller – PLN 10. Viewing tower PLN 15 (normal), PLN 10 (low).

Free gondola rides are available:
For children up to 4 years old* (children born after 01/01/2018)
*Offer is only valid when purchasing a ticket with a parent

Who is eligible for a discount ticket:

  • Children and adolescents up to 15 years of age must be provided with a document confirming their age.
  • School students on the basis of a valid Polish school card, ISIC card and EURO 26.
  • Students up to the age of 26 (students and students born after 01/01/1996) on the basis of a valid Polish student ID, ISIC and EURO 26.
  • Persons over 65 years of age (born before December 31, 1957) with proof of age.
  • For parents of school groups (1 out of 10 pupils) – a ticket at a reduced ticket price.
  • Persons with disabilities who have a high degree of disability (previously disabled persons of the first group) – on the basis of a disabled person’s ID card or a valid disability certificate;
  • Blind persons traveling with a guide or guide dog for persons with disabilities on the basis of a valid disability ID or a valid disability certificate, where the reason for the disability has been provided in the form of a statement (ICD10 code) “04-0” or “O” or “o” or H “;
  • Guardians of the above-mentioned handicapped
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