“Chłopi”: Ewa Kasprzyk was “almost killed” during the filming of the film

Enter Ewa Kasprzyk “peasants” Through the acting she was invited to. After winning the role of Domenikova, she was happy to return to playing dramatic roles, with which she was previously familiar, and more recently has been mainly cast in the comedy repertoire. The actress entered the psyche of her heroine Domenikova without any major difficulties.

“A strong, strong, determined woman, pushing her daughter into the arms of a rich widower. She was once a healer and a bit of a femme fatale. There are not very good echoes of her past life behind her,” she described. The character in an interview with PAP Life.

The hardest scene Kasprzyk played was one of the final scenes of the film. “They almost killed me with a rolling pin. It is a scene where the villagers want to force Jagna out of the house. Then the mother hits her head with a rolling pin and is killed. During the repeated shots, I hit him in the head several times. And not only that,” Kasprzyk recalls. This scene was shot in Mastershot, that is, in one long take. If someone made a mistake, the scene had to be shot from the beginning, so it was a big challenge for all the actors.

Kasprzyk sees Chłopów as a full-fledged live-action film, and does not believe that the actors are merely an addition to the animation. “I think Reymont’s film is beautifully rendered with descriptions of nature, with very dynamic content. It doesn’t look like animation at all. We recorded the film on regular sets, and it was only drawn later,” he says. Kasprzyk.

Although the story presents a Polish village at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the actress believes that the strength of this story lies in its universality. “This film shows that feelings like love, jealousy, hate, passion and desire are eternal. Arranged marriages are still common in the world,” he says.

The film “Chłopi” will be released on cinema screens on October 13.

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