June 7, 2023


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We need to dig Grandpa! Watch the trailer for the unexpected comedy “I’ve Got a Pot,” from the creators of “Planeta Single” and “Juliusz”

And what if luck smiled at you, but there were more people willing to participate in the final running? It is an unpopular family? What if there was another obstacle between us and millions? The winning ticket is in Grandpa’s jacket, buried three meters underground.

In the aftermath of his beloved grandfather’s funeral, the family realizes that the numbers the old man has played all his life have just been drawn in the lottery. There is no time for despair and tears when the winning ticket is in the jacket. three meters underground. Family and friends suddenly felt the need to see grandfather again with great force … The local parish priest unexpectedly enters the game, who knows perfectly well what relatives are doing and will delight the church (and not only) with prize money. The race begins for ideas, intrigues and tricks. It is best to share your wealth with as few others as possible. Preferably with no one. Humans are basically good…but not when it comes to big money!

"You have a pot!"frame from the moviePaweł Drabik / press materials

“You have a destiny!” frame from the movie

“You have a destiny!” is a new unpredictable comedy by the duo Drabik / Chaciński from Gigant Films – creators of “Planeta Single” and “Juliusz”, in which we will see, among others, surprising roles. Iza Kuna, Sonja Bozevic, Rafael Rutkowski, Robert Wabich, Piotr Jowaki And the Marian DziędzielAnd also talented representatives of the younger generation: Mishaw Sikorsky (“Sonata”, “Black Sheep”) and Victoria Kruszynska (“All Our Fears”). He directed the movie Matthews Glowacki, winner of the Gdynia Festival and author of one of the episodes of the CANAL + production “Planeta Single. Eight Stories”. The producer of the film is CANAL + and the distributor is Kino Świat.

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