Disney+ removed the movie less than two months after its release
Welcome to the new reality. It was made by HBO Max, and now others are following in its footsteps. Including Disney +. The platform has just done another purge of its library. Among the addresses that have disappeared is one that some may not have discovered yet.

Crater – 2 months on Disney +!

Removing titles from platforms has become a preferred method for media concerns to radically cut costs. The multi-year race for dominance in the streaming platform market, as well as buying studios and companies in bulk, means that the market giants have huge debts. This also applies to Disney+, which carried out its first purge of its library in mid-May. Now the second happened.

One of the victims is a family production “crater”. The movie had its premiere exactly In the middle of May. for him The budget was $53.4 million (before tax cuts). Now it is no longer available on the platform. Disney+ has not provided a reason for the film’s disappearance.

If you plan to watch “crater” Or you just discovered it and want to check it out, no luck. The movie was made specifically for Disney +. It is therefore not officially available digitally, and like most of the platform’s products, it is not on physical media (DVD/Blu-Ray). Will you ever change? It’s hard to say.

movie action “crater” It is set in the year 2257. The protagonist is a boy named Cable, who grew up in a mining colony on the moon. His father died recently and according to his will, Cable will soon be transferred to Planet Omega. Before that can happen, the boy decides to go on a trip to a mysterious crater with a group of friends.

“Crater” isn’t the only title that has recently disappeared from the Disney+ platform. Among the projects that are no longer available are exclusive Turkish productions and canceled series “Alaska Daily” and “The Company You Keep”.

Trailer for the movie “Crater”

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