Box Office USA: The Super Mario Bros. Movie.  Better than Toy Story 4
There are no strengths The Super Mario Bros. movie.. The latest lighting production is devouring new records at a rapid pace. According to current studio estimates, the film made $58.2 million over the weekend. means Best Achievement in Animation’s Third Weekend. The previous record was “only” $ 46.4 million (Incredibles 2 in 2018).

And the result The Super Mario Bros. movie. Could be better. It is worth noting that estimates had given 85.9 million dollars a week before the animation, and on Monday it turned out that it had made 92.3 million dollars in profits.

The Super Mario Bros. movie. It passed $400 million on Saturday. This is the first show this year that has succeeded in this feat. Borders fell on the 18th. Among the animation only Incredibles 2 They were faster to beat him on the fifteenth day.

The Super Mario Bros. movie. just passed “Toy Story 4” ($434 million), “Toy Story 3” (415 million) and “frozen” (401 million) become Fifth best animation of all time. And it doesn’t end there. already at hand: “Shrek 2” ($441.2 million), “Frozen II” (477.4 million) and “Where’s my turn?” (486.3 million). Will you be able to overcome it Incredibles 2Who made $605.9 million in America? We don’t know the answer to this question yet.

Movies of 2023 with revenues of more than $100 million

# Title earned in total
in public The number of cinemas the first show VOD budget
1 Super Mario Bros. film $434.3 $146.4 USD 4,371 5.04 unavailable $100 dollars
2 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Obsession $213.0 $106.1 4,345 17.02 18.04 $ 200
3 John Wick 4 $168.8 $73.8 3,855 24.03 unavailable $100 dollars
4 Creed III $155.6 $58.4 4,007 3.03 31.03 $75
5 Yelp VI $107.7 $44.4 3,676 10.03 25.04 $35

President of Warner Bros. He also has good reasons to feel happy. Discover David Zaslav. His strategy of transitioning to producing films for the HBO Max platform and promising projects to theaters is just showing the first bountiful harvest. Made with Max in mind “The Evil Dead: Awakening” It just hit theaters, where, despite great horror competition, it’s been a smash hit. Good Morning made $23.5 million. this The second best Warner Bros. opening. this year. In the end, one must earn much more than that “Shazam! Wrath of the Gods”because it has a better CinemaScore rating: B.

There was also a place for war dramas on the platform “Testament Guy Ritchie”. The movie got great reviews from the viewers (CinemaScore rating). The problem is that there are not many of them. According to current estimates, the film has made $6.3 million. This is roughly the same score as the previous Richie movie “luck game” ($6.5 million). Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, it is the weakest opening for a live-action film in wide distribution since 2016 and “animals of the night” ($3.2 million over its first weekend in wide release).

After increasing distribution to 965 theaters, it debuted in the top ten “because he’s afraid”. Unfortunately, this is another movie that hasn’t been able to convert its success in very limited distribution into the interest of a wider audience. Weekend proceeds are estimated at $2.7-2.8 million, bringing the total to $3.2 million so far. Till the end “because he’s afraid” You might expect a result similar to the one they obtained “Ghosts of Enchirin” ($10.6 million), which isn’t a very good result considering the budget was $35 million.

“because he’s afraid” Prices are still better than the last big news of the week – a fashion resume “chevalier”. This movie only grossed $1.5 million in 1,275 theaters and didn’t make the top ten at all.

All Big News last week performed very poorly, mostly losing more than 60% of revenue. On the other hand, the old titles were great. all three (“John Wick 4”And “air”And “Dungeons & Dragons: Thief’s Honor”) lost less than 30%.

US box office April 21-23

# Title It happened over the weekend earned in total a week on screen Cinema
1 Super Mario Bros. film $58.23 $434.33 3 4350
2 Evil Dead: Awakening $23.5 $23.5 1 3402
3 Guy Ritchie Testament $6.28 $6.28 1 2611
4 John Wick 4 $5.71 $168.84 5 3033
5 air $5.55 $41.77 3 2823
6 Dungeons & Dragons: Thief’s Honor $5.4 $82.19 4 2960
7 Exorcist Pope $3.32 $14.94 2 3178
8 Renfield $3.11 $13.62 2 3378
9 Because he is afraid $2.71 $3.15 2 965
10 Suzume $1.63 $8.43 2 2170

Four major premieres are scheduled to hit US cinemas on Friday. These are: the screen adaptation of the bestseller “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret.”Crazy action movie “sister”a British action comedy “polite society” and sports biography Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once World Heavyweight Champion.

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