Changes in PCC tax.  It enters into force on January 1, 2024.

The previous government returned several times to the problem of excessive purchase of apartments by individual investors and investment funds. However, this was not the end of the announcements to address this problem. Until January, when the then Prime Minister Tax changes aimed to hit homebuyers.

The new regulations are intended to essentially cover funds that buy hundreds of apartmentsBut we must also look at people who have 7-8 apartments – said Mateusz Morawiecki almost a year ago.

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Changes in PCC tax

From January 2024 PCC of 6%. You will have to pay for the purchase of at least six apartments in one investment. “Single investment” should be understood as, for example, one building or several buildings constructed on a single plot of land.

Why this change? In the fall of 2022, the story described by went viral. All apartments in the estate are in ul. Bokserska in Mokotów was purchased wholesale by a fund that invests in rental spaces. The changes in the PCC are aimed at putting an end to this type of bulk purchase of apartments by investors.

However, it should also be made clear here that we usually pay PCC tax on the purchase of apartments on the secondary market. Those in the primary market are subject to VAT. However, he mentioned The amendment also imposes PCC tax on flats from the primary market if someone buys six or more flats. Therefore we can talk about a new tax.

How much will the new tax actually be?

How does the new tax work? Buyers of multiple apartments will have to pay 6%. From the transaction of purchasing a specific headquarters. So if he pays for example PLN 600,000. PLN, the PCC tax will amount to PLN 36,000. Zloty.

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