Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia: We do not need a Western-style democracy

During Pamfilova’s speech, a forum participant asked her to comment on the words of Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov about democracy. Speaking to The New York Times in early August, Peskov said that “presidential elections aren’t really democratic, they’re expensive bureaucracy” and that incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin would be re-elected in the 2024 election with “more than 90 percent” of the vote. “Voices”. He later said that American journalists “polluted everything”.

“For me, democracy is just a mechanism and a way to form power through elections. What is happening now in the West: their democracy is not the rule of the majority, it is the rule of the minority. I agree with Dmitry [Pieskowem]Pamfilova replied, “We certainly don’t have a system like the West, and we don’t need one.”

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