United Kingdom: The plane took off without two windows

Passengers rose to an altitude of four thousand meters when they found it very cold and noisy on board. It turned out that the plane took off from an airport in Great Britain with its windows broken. After identifying the problem, the crew asked the passengers to fasten their seat belts immediately and reminded them of the rules for using oxygen masks.

The Airbus A321, which had left London and was scheduled to head to Orlando, Florida, was diverted. 40 minutes after take-off. It turned out to have four broken windows. Foreign media, including CNN, reported that two of them were not there at all.

A special report published by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Department on November 4 shows that there may have been “Serious consequences“Fortunately, the defect was not discovered until after take-off.

The plane took off with its windows broken. The pilot had to turn back

According to reports, it became very cold and noisy on board the plane. “Loud enough to damage your hearing” – CNN described.

Then one of the travelers noticed that the piece of glass was “flying.” He informed the crew of the serious defect, who conveyed the message to the flight commander.

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The pilot decided to reduce speed and return to London Airport. The car was on high at the time Above four thousand metres.

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Passengers were asked to remain in their seats and fasten seat belts in addition to taking precautionary measures The crew remembered the procedures for using oxygen masks. Fortunately, this was of no use, and the plane landed at the airport without any major problems.

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