Patented for a refreshing fragrance in the shower.  It costs a few pennies and works for a long time
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We love it when our apartment smells nice. The desired smell in the room makes the time spent in it more pleasant. The bathroom is where bad odors are most often found. But do you always have to buy a diffuser? not necessarily. You can make your own cheap and effective air freshener.

What is a home fragrance prepared from?

A wonderful scent in the mix that changes a lot. It is particularly desirable in buildings with pets. Friendly scents allow us to relax, and some of them can add character to all rooms. You will get the perfect fragrance thanks to the different diffusers. To create a home air freshener for the bathroom, first stock up on any essential oil, a long-necked bottle (eg after perfumes close to your heart), bamboo sticks or those for skewers, as well as a base cream – such as coconut oil.

Simple patent for a bathroom diffuser

Mix water with oil (proportions 1: 2) in a bottle, then pour about 20 drops of essential oil with a selected scent (for example, lavender) into it. Carefully mix the ingredients in the container, then place the chopsticks in it at equal intervals. It is worth turning it over every few days to make the aroma more noticeable. The home freshener will provide a pleasant scent in every toilet.

How is a home air freshener prepared?

Sometimes we want to smell nice not only in our bathroom, but also in other rooms in the house. To achieve this effect, make your own air freshener from 3 ingredients. You will see that it will work better than store-bought formulas. Simply combine water, baking soda, and essential oil.

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and add a few drops of essential oil. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and use as you would any other perfume.

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