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2022-02-14 19:09

Russia will come next Wednesday?  The President of Ukraine declared February 16 as Unification Day
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Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced on Monday in an appeal to the nation that February 16 would be the day of Ukrainian unification. This day is referred to as a possible date for a possible Russian attack on Ukraine.

“We learned that February 16 will be the day of the attack. We will make it the day of unification. I have already signed the relevant decree,” Zelensky said in a video posted on Monday evening.

He added that on that day Ukrainians would raise their national flags, wear blue and yellow ribbons, and “show the whole world their unity.”

“We are afraid of a major war and once again the date of a military invasion has been set. This is not the first time,” Ukraine’s president said in an appeal to the nation.

Zelensky added that there was already a “systematic war on all fronts” with Ukraine. On the military front – the unit was increased on the Ukrainian border; Diplomacy – attempts are made to deprive Ukraine of the right to independently determine the course of its foreign policy; He pointed out that energy supplies – gas, electricity and coal are limited, and on the media level – there are attempts to spread panic among citizens and investors through the media.

The president noted that Ukraine knows well where the foreign army stands on its borders, what its size is, where it is deployed, what it is equipped with, what plans it has. He stressed that Ukraine has a great, experienced and powerful army and that Kiev was able to get diplomatic support from “virtually all the leaders of the civilized world”.

He stressed that Ukraine wants to solve all problems only through the diplomatic track.

Zelensky also addressed businessmen who have left the country in recent days. “Today, everyone is taking a test for a Ukrainian citizen. Pass it with dignity,” he said, and invited them to return. The Ukrainian president also called on all officials and politicians abroad to return to their homeland within 24 hours.

From Kiev by Natalia Dzyordzinska (PAP)

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