"Painful losses" and another call for anti-missile systems.  'We asked for them long before the invasion' |  world News

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine summarized the 111th day of the war in Ukraine. as reported, army The Russians are still storming Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region. “The enemy is regrouping and strengthening its forces there,” she added. Russian forces are also constantly bombing civilian infrastructure.

And in the direction of Bakhmut and the neighboring towns, the Ukrainian forces came under fire with mortars, barrels and rocket-propelled grenades. in the Berestow . region Soldiers The Ukrainians, in turn, repelled the storm, inflicting losses on the enemy and forcing him to retreat to other positions.

The enemy conducts offensive operations in the area of ​​the settlement Zołote in the Luhansk region. And in the vicinity of Siwersk, the Russian forces continue to bombard them with mortars

– Given.

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The war in Ukraine. Rocket attack in the Odessa region

On Tuesday, the Russians attacked the Odessa region of occupied Crimea with missiles. The attack was successfully repelled thanks to the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense, said the head of the Odessa Local State Administration, Maxim Marchenko.

– Since the morning the enemy tried to attack the area with two missiles, but fortunately both missiles were destroyed by our defense units. The occupiers increased the number of missile attacks throughout Ukraine. However, today was a good day for air defense, and our defenders managed to destroy most of the missiles, said Maxim Marchenko.

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What can the Russians do next? ask an expert

Ukraine. The explosion in Dopropol. one person died

As a result of the Russian attack on Dopropol in the Donetsk region, a person died under the rubble. Three residential buildings were destroyed and at least 12 were damaged. Prosecutor’s Office The general said that rescuers had pulled out the body of only one man from under the rubble. There is no information on other victims. According to Serhiy Kozhedub, Chief Inspector of the Explosives Handling Department, the firing was carried out with X-22 air-to-ground missiles.

His witnesses told about the event. – We heard explosions, then windows broke out, and smoke and dust poured out in the street. About 6-7 buildings were destroyed. They added that three houses were destroyed and many injured.

On Tuesday evening, the Ukrainian president posted a video on social media, in which he posted:

We suffered painful losses in the Donbass and in the Kharkiv region

– We have to stick to it, it’s our country. He added that we still have to fight and fight hard for the safety of Kharkiv and the whole region.

after, after Once Another stressed it Ukraine “It needs modern anti-missile weapons” is not enough at the moment. – [Nasi partnerzy – red.] He added that they cannot in any way justify attempts to delay the delivery of these weapons.

We made our first orders for anti-missile systems long before a large-scale invasion

And this week there will be many different important talks – and not just with European politicians – who will be able to provide Ukraine with modern anti-missile systems.

– He said.

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