War in Ukraine.  Chasev Yar on the way to the Russians.  Ukraine may lose the city

New news arrives from the Ukrainian front. It turns out that Russia continues its offensive actions. Several thousand people are at risk Kazasev yar In the Donetsk region.

German correspondent Julia Ripke reported that the Russian army used a “double strike tactic” here. Moscow attacks Eastern suburbs of the cityThe siege continued on the villages of Bogdanovka and Iwanowski.

War in Ukraine. Chasev Yar on the Russian line

We read in a statement published by Rybki: “In the center and north, the Ukrainian Armed Forces maintain defense.” The situation is much worse in the southern part, where The Russians crossed the Donetsk-Donbass canal.

Passing this place opens the way to further achievements. The canal itself is located just 1 km from Chasiu Yar.

The German correspondent does not doubt this, pointing out that in the coming days More losses should be expected on the Ukrainian side. “Now it is only a matter of time before they enter this city from the east or south,” he wrote in the letter.

Ukraine. Russians near Chasev Yar

UNIAN pointed out that despite the intense enemy actions, Ukrainian forces continue to defend the city. They want to hold on to their positions in the hope of providing American military assistance.

Meanwhile, Moscow sent troops to the vicinity of Chasev Yar Up to 25 thousand soldiers. The city with a population of about 13,000 people (data for 2021 – ed.) is a delicious morsel for Russians. They are located in Chasyu Yar Rich deposits High quality refractory clay.

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