Polish National Bank responds to President Glabinski’s profits!

Paweł Mucha revealed the earnings of the Chairman of the Polish National Bank. In fact, he once again revealed something like the “good soldier Shefik”, but most of all he revealed himself. But the new ruling camp is happy, the internet is on the boil, the Olympics are being held, and Donald Tusk is eating popcorn. The response from the NBP press office shows that the earnings of the head of the NBP bank are a small percentage of what the heads of private banks earn. But it leaves an impression on the uninitiated. How much does the head of the Polish National Bank really earn?

On the one hand, we know that if we don’t know what it is, it’s about money. But in this case it is clear from the beginning that it is about money, and not a little bit of it. Pawel Mucha, a member of the Board of Directors of the Polish National Bank, does not stop fighting for the money that Pawel Mucha simply believes he deserves – although, as the head of the Polish National Bank, Adam Glabinski, pointed out, these are discretionary bonuses that the president believes are due to this member On the Board of Directors of the National Bank of India. This is not small money. Paweł Mucha asks for about PLN 140,000. PLN “Additional salary”. Nothing bothers him at all in this fight for money. Neither the agitation he creates nor the truth of his struggle and its media fruits are eagerly used by Donald Tusk’s circle to ridicule the Polish National Bank and its president.

Over the weekend, Paweł Mucha revealed the bonuses that the management of the Polish Central Bank had given itself.

Awards of the President of the National Bank for the 1st quarter – 3 times, for the 2nd quarter – 3.5 times, for the 3rd quarter – 4 times and for the 4th quarter – 4.5 times the monthly salary calculated as the equivalent of annual leave – Paweł Mucha wrote on the X platform, where he published the 2019 decision determining remuneration for the head of the NBP.

Moreover, economist Rafał Mundry commented on Paweł Mucha’s participation, who stated that the remuneration of the Chairman of the NBP is the same as that of the Speaker of the Sejm or the Prime Minister, i.e. 20.5 thousand PLN. Zloty. However, Mondry pointed out that thanks to prizes and bonuses, Adam Glapinski received much more than that – and according to him, Adam Glapinski earned PLN 1.3 million in 2022. Rafael Mondry also calculated that it was as if he was receiving 65 annual salaries instead From 12 salaries. The economist concluded his speech by saying: “An extra salary every week.”

The NBP press office has just commented on the matter.

Currently, the remuneration of the head of the National Bank in 2022 constitutes 27.6% of the average remuneration of the head of 6 leading commercial banks. The remuneration of the President of the Philippine National Bank without awards, bonuses and additional annual wages will amount to PLN 283,788 in 2022, which is 6% of the average remuneration of the President of the Commercial Bank – we read in the statement.

How much do heads of commercial banks earn?

The highest-paid manager among commercial bank heads in 2022 was Michał Gajewski from Santander Bank Polska, who earned more than PLN 6 million. In second place was João Nuno Lima Bras George, President of Millennium Bank, who received a total of PLN 4,927,260. The third place went to the President of BNP Paribas, Przemysław Gdański, with a total amount of PLN 4,431,000. Even the heads of the banks in which the State Treasury is involved (Pekao, Alior, PKO BP), whose total profits range from PLN 1.12 million to PLN 1.9 million, look “pale” in comparison.

This situation has long since transcended the Rubicon of noble conventions and morals. Again, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious problem here, but again, Paweł Mucha provides media fuel like flour for the mill. Two Confucian aphorisms come to mind in this situation, both of which are well known to entomologists. First: If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito flying over your ear. Second: Do not shoot a mosquito with a gun.

In theory, President Glabinski can sleep peacefully, because every time Pawel Mucha seems to hurt himself, he never fails in essence. On the other hand, the dominant media is already making sure that the destruction will be as great as possible and you never know what the new Paweł Mucha will come up with. And so this petty dispute over small amounts of money continues to grow in intensity. It’s unfortunate about NBP’s image.

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