March 28, 2023


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Edita Herbow explains the general despair of her grandmother's hospitalization: 'I didn't see anything wrong with this'

Edita Herbow explains the general despair of her grandmother’s hospitalization: ‘I didn’t see anything wrong with this’

Recently, one of the columns received extensive coverage in the media Dorothy Wellman About “Wysokie Obcasy”. The journalist sarcastically mentioned the “excitement on Instagram” About a “certain dancer”, Who reported on Instagram that Her grandmother was taken to the hospital and posted a photo of her tearful face on the Internet. It wasn’t hard to guess that Wellman meant the entry in her column Edita Herbow.

on Monday Edita Herbo Hosted him in the audience of “Dancing with the Stars”. Budelka’s reporter, Michao Dzidzic, had the opportunity to talk to the celebrity, who decided to find out Which directed the dancer at the time of publishing the loud post.

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My need is to show the authentic side of life, the authentic human that I am. I have already shared different situations with my fans. It was a completely spontaneous moment when emotions took over (…) I never saw anything wrong with that – Edita admitted.

Harbouchi did not hide her surprise that her posts stirred up so much emotion among netizens.


Responding to what the other person is doing is justified when they have hurt someone in some way. Perhaps this is called pathogen then. I have not noticed anything improper or harmful to anyone in my dealings – She added.

The celebrity admitted that in such a difficult moment for her she was spontaneously interacting and wanted to share How special is her grandmother.

In an interview with Pudelek, Edita also revealed it How Dorota Wellman reacted to her call to jointly plant trees and whether she would like to speak to the journalist around its column. See what celebrities told us.


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