Bradley Cooper is in the midst of criticism.  Is makeup “Maestro” offensive?
Bradley Cooper may not have expected that his latest film, the biographical drama “The Maestro” about Leonard Bernstein, would generate controversy. And yet. There are people who think the characterization of the actor playing the title character is offensive. According to them, the prosthetic nose that Cooper wears in the film depicts Jews.

Leonard Bernstein in 1955

Bradley Cooper has been defended by Leonard Bernstein’s heirs

Jamie, Alexander and Nina Bernstein, children of the late composer, defended Bradley Cooper. In an entry on Portal X (formerly Twitter) they posted a statement. Its content is quoted below:

Bradley Cooper has included the three of us at every step of the amazing journey that is a movie about our dad. We were deeply touched to experience the depth of his devotion, the love he had for our father’s music, and the sincere joy he brought to his research. It breaks our hearts to see misinterpretations or lack of understanding of his efforts. It just so happened that Leonard Bernstein had a big nose. Bradley chose to use makeup to enhance the likeness — we don’t have a problem with that. Besides, we are sure that dad will see nothing wrong with that either. All of the harsh complaints about this issue strike us primarily as sham attempts to outsmart a successful person—a practice we often saw with our father.

Throughout the film’s production, we felt the deep respect, and yes, love that Bradley brought to his portrayal of Leonard Bernstein and his wife, our mother, Felicia. We are so fortunate to have shared this experience with Bradley and can’t wait for the world to see his work.

You can see the original post below:

Watch the trailer for “The Maestro”

The Maestro will be shown at the Venice Film Festival this year. It will appear on the broadcast on December 20 this year. Watch the trailer:

“The Maestro” is the story of Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) – legendary American composer, pianist, and conductor. He wrote symphonic and chamber music, ballet and film scores as well as musicals for Broadway. The main plot of the film is the relationship between the artist and his wife Felicia, played by Carey Mulligan. Although Bernstein made no secret of his homosexuality from his partner, the heroes have been together for nearly three decades and have three children. The marriage was cut short by Felicia’s death in 1978.

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