March 27, 2023


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Marlon Brando.  Johnny Depp.  James Franco.  Accused of rape and beating

Marlon Brando. Johnny Depp. James Franco. Accused of rape and beating

  • Armie Hammer’s career took a huge turn after the movie “Tamte dni, tamte noce” until his secret and confusing fantasies reached the net.
  • It has long been known how Marlon Brando treated his partner on the set “The Last Tango in Paris”. However, the actor never apologized to her
  • Christian Slater, who struggles with severe addiction in his teenage years, says “Acting is a hobby, mindfulness is a job”
  • Hailed as R&B’s greatest superstar, Chris Brown and R. Kelly have been brought to trial. One of them faces decades in prison
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These charming, handsome, wealthy men have enjoyed or been popular for many years, and some of them have become legends in the cinema, remembering them with fondness after their death, despite the fact that they committed terrible, terrible crimes or even in their lifetime.

Not every sexual predator is like Harvey Weinstein. A handsome face can help you get what you want or gain support from the public, as was the case with Chris Brown.

Some of these dark secrets saw the light of day thanks to movement #Me tooAs more women dared to talk about what happened to them. Some of them were exposed secrets of show business, others were kept for many years, and these charming men were never punished. Some of them – Christian Slater, Robert Downey Jr. – They were able to leave their previous lives, but it took many years and a lot of work. Others’ problems are just beginning.

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Here is the handsome, charming, and accused man whose dark sides saw the light of day: