Edward Linde surprised Lopaszenko by admitting the end of his life

Edward Lindy Lupasenko A well-known figure in the world of Polish cinema and theater. The actor recently celebrated his 84th birthday, and on this occasion he spoke in an interview with “The Facts” about his life, family relationships, health and plans for the future.

The actor was asked about his thoughts on life and death. He replies that he wants to “die honestly”. He dreams of being younger for the next fifteen years, and at the end of his life he wants to organize banquets in restaurants–and he has no intention of leaving his fortune behind.

“When I feel the time is coming, I will pay the bill. And then I order banquets in restaurants. What should I leave it out and why? To others to feast later? How can I still be good on my own? And this is for you” – he says directly in an interview with a tabloid about his imminent death.

The actor develops the theme of “honest death” in the conversation. Means in appreciation “Leave no debts. With anyone. In this sense, no debts, neither moral nor psychological nor financial.”

Edward Lindy Lopaszenko is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. He exercises every dayHe walks and tries to take as many steps as possible. His goal is to reach 1 million steps a year. He believes in the principle that “Movement can replace any medicine, but no medicine can replace movement”.

“When I’m watching TV, I go for 2,000 steps during my break. Later, I’ll go out and do the same thing. And the third time too. All in all, it’s about 6,000 steps a day. It’s a decent benchmark and it’s enough for me to do more.” Up to 10,000 stepsHe adds in the interview.

Not everyone celebrates their birthdays with great fanfare, and Edward Lind Lopaszenko falls into this group. The actor admitted that he is not planning any party for his birthday, but he did spend the day with his closest family members. His daughter organized a birthday dinner for him. Sin Olaf As he wished. By the way, the artist also mentioned a certain mysterious lady.

“All I can say is that I really enjoy seeing my boyfriend once in a while. It’s safe for both parties, the rest is a mystery.” – he said in “Truth”.

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