Antony Blinken uważa, że Władimir Putin jest „pod presją” Chin i Indii, aby zakończyć wojnę w Ukrainie. Sekretarz stanu USA wysnuł taki wniosek po rozmowach prezydenta Rosji z Narendrą Modim i Xi Jinpingiem.

Anthony Blinken believes that Vladimir Putin is “under pressure” from China and India to end the war in Ukraine. The US Secretary of State came to this conclusion after talks between the Russian President, Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping.

I think what we’re hearing from China and India reflects concerns around the world about the impact of Russian aggression against Ukraine, not just on the Ukrainian people. – said the head of US diplomacy, stressing that “this increases pressure on Russia to end its aggression.”

Thus Blinken referred to Putin’s meetings with Modi and Xi in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit.

This is not the time for war Modi told Putin, stressing the importance of “democracy, diplomacy and dialogue.” In response, the Russian President assured the Indian Prime Minister that he wanted to end the conflict in Ukraine “as soon as possible” and admitted that he understood India’s “concerns”.

I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine, your concerns (…) We will do our best to end it as soon as possible Putin announced.

In turn, Xi said during his speech in Samarkand that “humanity is at a crossroads and has to face unprecedented challenges.”

We should jointly oppose interference in the internal affairs of other countries under any pretext and firmly assume our own future and the fate of our country. The Chinese leader said.

Putin, in turn, told reporters that his meeting with Xi Jinping on Thursday was “normal”. But, as AFP wrote, Putin thanked the Chinese leader for his “balanced stance” on Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, promising him “explanations” to allay his “fears”.

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