June 9, 2023


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Vladimir Putin completely flew away?  Heralds "a new era in world history"

Vladimir Putin completely flew away? Heralds “a new era in world history”

However Western and so-called supranational elites may try to maintain the current order of things, a new era is coming, a new stage in world history. Kommersant daily quoted the Russian president as saying that only truly sovereign states can ensure high growth dynamics and become an example for others.

Russia’s president attacks the West

Russian President Vladimir Putin . added The “billion gold” countries cannot impose their rules on the world. In his speech he strongly attacked the West, saying that the “golden billion” was no accident. Putin said countries that rely on “liberal ideology” have largely made money by “stealing from other countries in Asia and Africa.”

“The unipolar world order has become an obstacle to its development,” Putin added. And it is, according to him, unjust because it divides nations into “first and second classes”,

Vladimir Putin flew to Tehran this week, where he met the leaders of Turkey and Iran. Putin and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi talked about it Strengthening cooperation in trade, energy and transportation.

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Putin is looking for allies

Tehran may become Moscow’s commercial and military partner, given that Russia is likely planning to buy Iranian drones.

After the meeting, Putin announced that it was agreed that Russia, Turkey and Iran would continue their efforts to “normalize” the situation in Syria. . added Tehran and Moscow are discussing the possibility of settling national currencies in bilateral trade.

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