Barja’s daughter reveals what happened in their house.  Children participated in this illegal practice

Stanislav Barega – A director whose films and series have enjoyed unremitting popularity for decades – He was a master of comedy and … moonshine. Although he drank alcohol only during the holidays and in small quantities, he knew very well how to produce it, which in the days when high-alcoholic drinks were on the cards, was a much-needed skill!

The creator of the iconic teddy bear He was a good cook. Borscht, bigos and cold soup have been said that Warsaw’s best restaurants will not be ashamed of. In the pages of Maciej Replewicz’s book “Stanisław Bareja. The King of the Twisted Mirror,” Stanisław Tim, who was Bareja’s friend, stated that the director could work miracles in the kitchen.

“He was a great cook, and because I also always like to stand in pots, we quickly fell into our hearts” – Tim admitted.

Friends who visit Stanisław Bareja in his apartment in Mokotów or at home in Goławice nad Wkra can always count on something delicious to eat and a glass of alcohol of their own.

“Moonshine Bareja was rushing forward, and I was doing that as well then as a former chemistry student, so we matched him up too,” said Stanislaw Timm, author of “The King of the Crooked Mirror,” recalling his deceased friend.

About an extraordinary talent Stanislaw Barriga All his friends know about driving moonshine forward. However, no one had any idea that he was helped in this illegal practice by … children – daughter Katarzina and son Jan.

“We lived in Mokotów, and walked“ to the tracks ”, that is, at the end of Woronicza Street, where rowan trees grew. I was climbing a tree, and my father was waiting in the basement with a bag in which I dropped a bunch of berries so that he could make blueberries ”- said Katarzina Bariga In an interview with “Twój Styl”.

In addition to homemade blueberries, the director also produced his own whiskey from oak bark collected with children.

“He made alcohol in different ways. He also taught me how to drive. When I was in college, my friends called alcohol BB – Moonshine Barei” – remember the director’s daughter in “Twój Styl.”

Moonshine production equipment was given to Stanisław Bareja as a gift from another director – Ryszard Ber.

“He treated this activity (his own alcohol driving – editor’s note) as a fun pastime” – claims Catarzyna Barriga.

anyway Stanislaw Barriga He knew perfectly well how to produce moonshine and did it regularly, never abused alcohol, and after the second heart attack he stopped drinking strong alcoholic drinks altogether. The heroes of his films and series drank it with pleasure. After the evening premiere of Brunet, the director was accused of promoting sugar!

“I received a message from the viewer. A correspondent of the website “one of the last abstainers in Poland” accused me of advertising addiction in the film. The Poles spend free Saturdays: vodka, black candy and watching TV” – explained Parija later in an interview with the weekly “Itd”.

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