"The Witcher": How has the epidemic changed the second season of the series?  Creator reveals behind the scenes

The Witcher returns for its second season on December 17, after a two-year hiatus. This delay is one of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. service Serialowa.pl I posted a short on this occasion Interview with Lauren S. Hissrichwhich was responsible for the production of Netflix. To what extent have creators been restricted by lockdowns and restrictions?

“The Witcher” and the epidemic – closed group

when The team returned to the group in March 2020.Filming for the second season of “The Witcher” is only three weeks away Pause pictures to close.

“We just started when We closed the plant The break lasted more than five months”- explains Hissrich in an interview with Serialowa.pl.

“Three weeks is just enough to enjoy the rhythm – everyone is just learning each other, and the actors are getting used to working with each other again,” she added.

As the exhibitor explained, The creators were afraid that the restrictions related to the epidemic would not affect the size of the seriesWhich is supposed to be an epic fantasy. Despite the organizational difficulties and the necessity of introducing many changes at the scenario and implementation level, this goal has been achieved.

“(…) When I look at this season of TV, I don’t see COVID season there. I can see that Libra is still big, and there are still a lot of people out there,” says Hissrich.

“The Witcher” season 2 – 1 place due to lockdown

Lauren S. Hissrich in an interview that European lockdowns have severely affected the way ‘The Witcher’ has been made.. The first season was filmed in five different countries – incl. In Poland – while the second It was carried out entirely necessarily in Great Britain.

This has had a huge impact on the look of the series that viewers will be able to watch on Netflix starting December 17th. In the new episodes of “The Witcher” Most of the action takes place in the wizard’s stronghold of Kaer Morhen. The pandemic meant that these scenes were shot in the artificial conditions of a movie studio, rather than predetermined locations.

“The Kaer Morhen scenes were to be shot in northern Scotland and Iceland, eventually Made in a studio in Arborfield. All this snow is artificial, and there are a lot of visual effects” – revealed The Witcher product.

The Witcher – Series Restrictions

The producers of “The Witcher” had to be hard Limit, also by planning scenes with more peopleDo not expose anyone to the risk of infection. This affected the final look of the series, which would not include, among other things, scenes of the Great Feast.

Hesrich said in an interview with Serialowa.pl: “(…) We cut a lot of these bigger scenes. He’ll appear in the series.”

As the viewer added, The need to comply with various restrictions on the group It also affected the way the characters appeared on screen. Can extras wear masks so the audience won’t notice? It turns out it’s possible – what does it look like Nilfgaard soldiers Derived from intelligent compliance with health requirements.

“(…) Designed New Nilfgaardian armor And one of the things they have now is something like permanent masks built into helmets” – the product revealed.

She added that more people this season are wearing scarves and wrapping themselves in different things that cover their mouths as well. in this way Creative people decided to avoid the epidemicSo that the actors and extras who play on the set feel safer.

Premiere of “The Witcher 2”

Lauren S.Hissrich points out that the biggest challenge is caring The mental health of all the people involved in the production of ‘The Witcher’.

“I think it was hard to be on your own, isolated for months and then go back to the production you were getting regularly. 400 people in a group every day. We talked a lot with the cast and crew every day to make sure people felt safe and felt as if the production was being sponsored.”

Fortunately, despite the challenges and difficulties, ‘The Witcher’ returns to Netflix on December 17. This season we will see how Geralt Rivia (Henry Cavill)Convinced that Yennefer (Ania Chalotra) died in the Battle of Suden Hill, he takes the Princess Cirillo (Freya Allan) To the wizard’s stronghold in Ker Morhen.

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