"For the story, I agree to be a cannibal."  It is enough that he was killed.  It is described in a book

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The American weekly “The New Yorker” described Christian Bale’s murder in detail in the text “The True Crime. A Postmodern Murder Mystery.” On its basis, the Polish-American was created, which was not the best rated by critics film True Crimes, in which Jim Carrey plays the role of the detective. The original inventor of Kasia Adamik – the director of “Amoku” also became interested in the murder. What makes filmmakers so electrifying about this? Perhaps the fact that Christian Bala ran from the police for so long even though his book is almost evidence of a crime committed. However, he maintains that the murder described is an element of literary fiction, and that the resemblance to the real case is entirely coincidental.

As for the plot, I would even agree to be a cannibal – he admitted in an interview with Onet in 2017.

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Brutal crime near Wroclaw

In December 2000, the body of a man was recovered from the Odra River near Głogów. The noose around her neck and the knot that tied her arms to her arms made her body position like a cradle. Investigators found that the man was alive when he was tied up, and that every movement was causing the knot to narrow. Previously, it was cooked and then thrown into the river. Water in the lungs shows that drowning is the cause of death.

The police quickly determined that the victim was a resident of Wroclaw, Dariusz Janiszewski, wanted for a month now. His wife was the last to see him. As evidenced by her account, he received a call and hurriedly left the company where they worked together. During the investigation, the police tried to find out who called him next, but they failed – the call was made in the phone booth. The Public Prosecutor stated in the report that after six months, the investigation was halted due to “the inability to find the perpetrator or perpetrators”.

Unlucky writer?

Five years later, Jacek Wróblewski from headquarters looked into the case files rural Police in Wroclaw. While flipping through the documents, he realizes Janiszewski’s mobile phone was never found. So the cop decides to check if he can be traced. To Wróblewski’s surprise, he and a colleague quickly found a match: a phone with the same serial number was sold on Allegro. And that’s four days after Janiszewski’s disappearance. The seller introduced himself as Chris B, whom investigators learned was a thirty-year-old writer, Christian Bala.

Although these findings were not enough to capture him, Wróblewski decided to investigate. It was learned that Bala had been abroad for five years, but it was unknown where he was or what he was doing. So the policeman decided to wait for the moment he returned to Poland and only then tried to speak. He warned his colleagues not to do anything that would upset Bala, because banishing him from the country would be practically impossible.

Too many question marks

The policeman also discovered that Christian Bala had published a book. “Amok” is a complex killer story with a lot of meanings. The main character is a bored thinker who drinks a sadist sex with women. In the end he was killed – one on the woman and the other on the man. The plot includes the theme of murder with a rope and a ring. The book killer’s name was Chris – just like the nickname of the person who sold Janiszewski’s phone on Allegro. The protagonist of the book also disposes of murder weapons by selling them on the Internet. Wróblewski is convinced that the fictional resemblance to a real crime is not accidental. However, he knows that his conviction is not enough to arrest him, so he seeks the help of a criminal psychologist. He noted the many similarities between the book’s character and Bali, but cautioned that “basing the author’s analysis on his fictional character would be a major violation”.

I hope that

Christian Bala returns to Poland. On September 5, 2005, he was tracked down in Chojnów by policemen who had previously received information. He described in a statement this moment as follows:

Three men attacked me. Someone twisted my hand behind my back; Another pressure on my throat so I could not speak and could barely breathe. Meanwhile, the third handcuffed me.

After the arrest, the media struggle to liberate Bali began. He explained that the investigators took his book seriously and did not take into account that the crime described in the book was a fiction. His friends and fans set up something like a defense committee, and letters from readers calling for their release poured into the Justice Department. In the end, he was released from prison, and the Wroclaw police had to fight the fame – in the end, they brutally arrested the writer, and in the end they had no evidence to prove his guilt.

There is no doubt

Wróblewski was frustrated, but did not give up. He eagerly read Bali’s novel and analyzed each sentence word for word. The sentence concerned him: “He is the one who was killed with blind jealousy.” He began to think that perhaps the murdered Janiszewski was his own loverSomehow it hurts him. He questioned Bali’s family and friends. He knew that he had many lovers, but his wife, Stai, with whom he had separated, was the longest in his heart. It turned out that one of the reasons for their temporary separation was the unbridled jealousy of the writer.

The woman’s friend, Małgorzata Drożdżal, recalled during the investigation that in the summer of 2000 she went with Stasia to the Crazy Horse nightclub in Wroclaw. Once she saw her talking to a man about long hair her hair And blue eyes. The police showed Drożdżal a photo of Dariusz Janiszewski – there was no doubt that it was he who spent the evening with Stasia. Finally, an item connecting Bala and Janiszewski appeared.

Jealousy is a motive for crime

Stasya, who had not wanted to testify for a long time, finally agreed. She confirmed that she met Janiszewski at Crazy Horse. They spent the night talking and he gave her his phone number. Later they went on a date and checked into a hotel. But before anything else happened, Janiszewski admitted that he was married. I let you go.

Since I know what it means to be a wife cheating on my husband, I didn’t want to do it with another woman – I admitted it.

A few weeks after her date with Janiszewski, Stasia admitted that Bala appeared with her in a drunken rage. He asked her to admit her affair. He broke the front door and hit her. He shouted that he had hired a private investigator and knew everything – he mentioned the hotel and even the room number they checked into.

Grażyna Błęcka-KolskaGrażyna Błęcka-Kolska never came to terms with her daughter’s death. “You have strength? Do not drink, do not take drugs?”

The Public Prosecution charged him with premeditated murder, with particular cruelty. The court convicted Christian Bala and sentenced him to 25 years in prison. It turns out that he has a file on his computer with information about the people who met Stasia. Unbridled and obsessive jealousy led him to the murder of Janiszewsky.

During the two tests with the polygraph, Bala reacted emotionally to the victim’s name, description of the crime, and things that belonged to him. He was ineptly trying to disable her.

The prosecution has not yet succeeded in establishing all the circumstances of the murder. The list of unanswered questions is long: it is not known where the murder was committed, how the victim was taken to a place 100 km from Wroclaw and whether anyone helped Christian Bali.

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