Another drama on the field.  The doctor had to intervene.  ‘My lungs were burning’

Mysterious virus Attacking tennis players, as well as experts during this year’s edition of the US Open, are becoming more and more felt. Shortly before his first match, Finn withdrew from the tournament Emil Russofori. As a reason for this decision, the star was struck by a mysterious disease that suddenly attacked his body. The dramatic scenes continued. During the match Our Jaber z Camila Osorio. Tunisian during this clash She complained of breathing problems and was almost unsteady on her feet.

We can see the pictures the same way Thursday’s match between Hubert Hurkacz and Jacek Draper. The pole is in the third group I asked for medical help Although he finished the match, it was clear that the Wroclaw native was fighting more with himself than with his opponent. They have also complained of health problems in recent days, among other things. Petra Kvitova, Chris Eubanks, Dominic Thiem. But, as it turns out, it doesn’t end there List of players fighting a mysterious virus.

Pegula and Menen advanced to the third round of the US Open. video/Associated Press/© 2023 The Associated Press

Eva is not yet another victim of a mysterious virus. “I’m out of strength”

On Wednesday, August 31 Eva is not stood up to fight Lucia Bronzetti. The German qualifiers caused problems for the Italian at first, but with the score at 3:3 in the first set, something bad began to happen to the representative of our western neighbours. During a German match I used medical assistance many times, even the doctor appeared in court.

I was having trouble breathing deeply, and my lungs were burning, especially during long exchanges. The physical therapist tried to relax my diaphragm to get more air into my lungs. The doctor gave me something on my nose, but it didn’t help much

~ revealed in an interview with the media after the game.

As the 21-year-old young woman admitted in an interview with the media, she began to feel the first effects of the disease on Wednesday morning. “I woke up on Wednesday with a slight cold, tried to prepare for the match, and even canceled training. But then I was exhausted. I was weaker and less active than in recent matches.” – She said.

Eva Liss ultimately failed to defeat the Italian and was eliminated from the Grand Slam tournament in the second round. Loss 3:6, 2:6.

Eva is not/Rob Prang / Spain DPPI / DPPI /France Press agency

Eva is not/Frank Molter/DPA/France Press agency

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