The Russian scientist died of poisoning.  “fault in mushrooms”

The newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” was the first to report on the death of the scientist. Vitaly Melnikov is 77 years old He was taken to the hospital on August 11, and according to preliminary information, he had eaten a poisonous mushroom. Doctors fought for his health and life in the following weeks. Ultimately, the family of the deceased was informed of his death at the end of August.

Melnikov was a doctor of technical sciences and head of the department of missile and space systems at the enterprise RKK Energy. He participated in many scientific experiments and worked as a principal investigator TsNIIMash Science Center affiliated with Roscosmos. He has authored nearly 300 scientific papers” – noted “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Western media, especially the British tabloids, picked up on the abundant information in the diaries. “Al-Shams” writes about “alleged” mushroom poisoning and unexplained death circumstances. She linked the scientist’s death to the fiasco of Moscow’s first lunar mission in nearly 50 years. The Russian probe Luna-25 Collided with the moon on August 20th. Three days later, India’s Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed at the Silver Globe. The satellite’s surface is currently being explored by the Bragyan spacecraft.

The world has made a mistake in picking mushrooms

However, everything points to Melnikov’s death It resulted from a mistake… from the world itself. In an article published a few hours after the first reports, Moskovsky Komsomolets reached out to the man’s relatives. They noted that on August 9, the man went into the woods in the Myshchina district north of Moscow and collected stuffed cabbage – an edible mushroom with gills – with his hands. It is a tradition that the world used to repeat every summer, and it did not err in its judgment not once.

Melnikov cooked the collected mushrooms and ate them the next day. Soon after, the man’s condition began to deteriorate, and he decided to return to his apartment in the capital. On the morning of August 11, his relatives noticed him Symptoms of food poisoning. He was transferred to the toxicology department and is in serious condition, and his kidneys have stopped working.

The patient’s condition was getting worse day by day, despite the doctors’ efforts. Finally, the family was informed of his death on 30 August.

Maybe a scientist He mistook the dove for deadly poisonous rods. Mushrooms are similar to the Polish state forests. Green cabbage can be identified by the smooth stem and the characteristic “cracked” surface of the cap.

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