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5:30 pm at the Municipal Stadium, ul. Bułgarska 17 in Pozna, start of the match of round 24 of the PKO Ekstraklasa football season 2021/2022 between Lech Poznań and Rakowa Częstochowa. We invite all Kolejorz fans to follow our traditional pre-match report and live from this match, at KKSLECH.com.

voidLive report before the match:

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void 4 consecutive matches with Raku without a win (3:3, 0:2 in PP, 1:3 and 2:2)
void Best home team (9-2-0, 28:3) vs best away team (6-3-3, 17:15)
void Lech won seven consecutive league matches in Poznan (unbeaten since May 1, 2021)
void Lech’s last league defeat with Rako in Poznan: September 23, 1995 (1:2)
void This spring, in 5 matches, Raku has 4 wins and no losses and only 1 goal lost
void Lech’s balance with the lead (Positions 1-5): 2-3-2

15:55 – Good morning from the Bulgarian! In the pre-match report and next game of the season, straight from the pitch. After the victorious marathon away (defended the captain’s position + promotion to 1/2 PP), the Lech Pozna team returned to Bułgarska Street. Only victory!

15:54 – Lech players have already arrived on the field. In a moment, they will be walking on new grass.

16:01 – void Visually, the new lawn does not look great, but you need to remember the date that is currently on the calendar.


4:05 p.m. – The Lechites just went for a walk on the field. Configuration will be provided in a moment.

16:12 – void Before the match, everything is clear: win or draw = 1st place, defeat = relegation to 3rd place.

16:16 – Lech Band Below. No surprises, as expected.

16:20 – void Mikael Isaac will be seen today as part of Eye of the Game.

16:27 – Raku Band as expected. Raków plays with three long off hours.

16:33 – The announcer welcomed the fans and declared it one of the “most important events of the season”.

16:35 – less than an hour until the match. The expected attendance will be slightly less than expected – 27-29 thousand. viewers. October 2 result may not be corrected.

16:42 – Lech goalkeepers are already warming up. The win would allow Lech to continue fighting up to the record from the 1980s, when Lech won 12 consecutive league games at home.

16:57 – Lechici has completed the warm-up. 33 minutes to fight for the boss!

17:09 – void


17:12 – void The match will stop in the 11th minute as a gesture of support for Ukraine.

17:20 – The announcer reads the lists. Why hymn in a moment while we play!

17; 27 – Both teams are already on the field.

voidLive Report (match)

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void1 – 15 minutes

1 minute. Grams! Time to stop the 4-game winning streak with Raku without a win.
3 min. – Very smooth start to the game. No one has taken the initiative yet.
5 minutes – Rakov’s first corner and first missed shot.
8 min – Lech is looking for a beat at the moment.
12 minutes – The first minutes already show that it will be much more difficult than it was in Szczecin. Lech hasn’t been able to create anything interesting yet.
15 minutes. – Raków uses the high pressure that we have problems with.

void16 – 30 minutes

22 min – At the end, Lech came out of the middle. Unfortunately, Amaral found the new grass.
22 minutes – void Second and third day standing:


26 min – Amaral worked with Isaac and then we conceded a goal again.
28 minutes – we stand behind us for about 30 minutes without shots and practically without work. There hasn’t been such a match for a long time.

void31-45 minutes

32 min – Velde wanted to launch Amaral with vertical application. Unfortunately, the pass was too powerful.
34 min – Part of the match in which Lech gets a little bit outdone by trying to create something.
35 minutes – void Kamiński broke on the left side, went inside and fired a direct shot at Kovacevic!
40 min – It’s hard for us to play football. The pressure that Raków has used has been very effective so far.
42 min – Amaral misses a shot from outside the penalty area. He wasn’t sure what to do with the ball.
45 minutes – until the 0:0 break. Since the 31st minute, Lech has more in the game.

void46-60 minutes

46 minutes – void The start of the second half in an instant. At the moment, the leader remains in Poznan, but the bet is Rakoff’s 6-point jump, which gives more peace of mind before the next matches.


46 minutes – void Kownacki after Velde.
49 min Another dirty play for Amaral. This is not his game at the moment, but such a player can make a difference at any time.
50 minutes – void 1:0 for Raków. A direct throw on the right, Bednarik did not come to the ball and it happened.
52 min – Amaral’s fatal bullet. next one.
53 min – 0:2 won’t make a difference. You have to jump forward in order not to lose at least.
57 min – Raków is still an advantage. In the quarter in which Lech usually scores many goals, there is nothing to play this time around.
60 min – Kamiński’s shot was easily saved by Kovacevich.

void61 – 75 minutes

61 minutes – void Pa Loa of Amaral.
61 minutes – void Viewers: 27.534
66 min – Keep the lobster more on the ball.
69 min – This time Lech enlisted a free kick. Nothing comes out today.
71 minutes – void How did he not come?! Kownacki from a few meters away after getting the ball from the right did not hit the net.
75 minutes, – Kownacki again, but this time more accurate.

void76-90 minutes

76 min – Good for Murawski
77 minutes – void Salmon misses a header after Pereira’s throw.
77 min – Karlstrom plays probably the weakest game during Skorża’s tenure.
81 min – Korner for Lech, after which Kamiński was hit hard from the air.
82 minutes – void Skinś for Kamiński, Kvekveskiri for Karlstrom,
83 minutes this time hit Ba Le missed. Shots from the penalty area are missing in this match.
85 min – Rebocho shot? Was he passing? Nobody closed it.
87 minutes – void Card for Kvikviskire who will not play in Krakow.
90 minutes – just 5 more minutes.
90 + 2 min. A killer corner cross.
90 + 3 min. – Raku defends himself.
90 + 4 min. – Both teams fight on the field.
90 + 4 min. – void salmon card.
90 + 6 min. – it’s time. Lee attacks.
90 + 8 min. – Unfortunately. The castle fell, and Lech lost and fell to third.


voidvoidRound 24 of PKO Ekstraklasa 2021/2022, Sunday, March 6, 5:30 p.m.
voidKKS Lech Poznan – RKS Rako Czestochowa 0:1 (0:0)

voidObjectives: 50. Lopez


voidyellow cards: Kvekveskiri, Salamon – Kun, Arseni, Papanikolaou, Petrasek

voidViewers: 27534

voidJudge: Siloesterzak (Wroclaw)

voidTechnical judge: Gryckiewicz

voidSide judges: Karasewicz, Kaszyński

voidVAR Rulers: Frankowski, Winkler

voidwhy: Bednarik – Pereira, Salmon, Milic, Rebocho – Karlstrom (82 Kvikvskyi), Murawski (Thebes 76) – Velde (46 Konaki), Amaral (61 Pa Loa) Kaminski (skin 82) – Isaac.

voidReserves: Van der Hart, Zerwinsky, Skrzybcchak, Kvikveskiri, Ramirez, Thebes, Skaszin, Pa Loa, Konaki.

voidRaku: Kovacevi – Niewulis, Petrasek, Arseni – Tudor, Papanikolaou, Lederman (84th place), Wdowiak (84th place) – Lopez (76th Sturgeon), Gutkovskis (84th Musiolik), Kun (89th round).

voidReserves: Trelowski, Rundi, Sapała, Czyż, Sturgeon, Sorescu, Długosz, Arak and Musiolik.

voidCaptains: Isaac – Neuelis

voidSettings: 1-4-2-3-1 – 1-3-4-3

voidcoaches: Skorża – Papshun

voidEye on the game note: Isaac

voidgrass condition: good (flat layer)

voidAtmosphere: +1°C, cloudy

voidplace: City Stadium (ul. Bułgarska 17, Pozna)

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