Real Madrid won the European Super Cup.  Draw for Barcelona football

It was a rookie meeting with a team that had a lot of experience in high stakes matches. UEFA Champions League winners, ie Reality Real Madrid faced the league champions on Wednesday Europe – Eintrachtem Frankfurt – for the European Super Cup. The experience won, because it was Real Madrid who won the title, defeating their rivals from Germany 2-0.

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Real wins again in the European competition final

From the first minutes of the match, Real Madrid had an advantage in possession, while Eintracht was a player of low pressure. The Spaniards were actually playing the game the whole time. Initially, however, both teams had problems building the business. Real scored a corner kick in the eighth minute, but Toni Kroos made a bad cross and the team from it Madrid She didn’t even shoot. Two minutes later, we had Eintracht’s first opus, but Gabriel Sue was making a hard pass in the direction of Raphael Bury. Faster on the ball, Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

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Moments later, the Frankfurt team got another chance. Jesper Lindstrom shot from the penalty area but saved Courtois. The Eintracht player was offside anyway. This was not the end, because in the 14th minute Daichi Kamada received a vertical pass, he went alone with Courtois, but he delayed the shot for a long time and the Belgian hit the ball! After a moment, Real almost took the lead. But the opportunity was missed by Vinicius Jr. The Brazilian received a pass from Karim Benzema, in front of him was only Kevin Trapp, but his shot until Tota hit the ball from Khali’s goal in the last minute!

After 20 minutes the roles changed a little, because it was Eintracht who switched to the center attack. He played the ball for several tens of seconds, and in the end a pass occurred. In the 24th minute, Kamada passed to Lindstrom, but Dani Carvajal brilliantly interfered. In the first half, Real could thank its goalkeeper several times, who showed his excellent team, and defended the team from conceding any goal. long fans They didn’t see the goal but that changed at the end of the first half.

First up, Vinicius Jr. The Brazilian moved from the left wing to the center, and hit the far post, but it was a corner kick. And after a cross inside the penalty area, Karim Benzema won with a header, then Casemiro won another duel with his head to Alaba, and the Austrian shot 1-0 near an empty goal in the 37th minute. Moments later, Eintracht tried to answer. Christopher Lenz was positioned on the left and after a bit of confusion he shot Courtois. It was close, and Real was leading 2-0 before entering the dressing room. However, Benzema did not take advantage of the opportunity, who got a perfect pass from Kroos, the French seized the ball in the penalty area, and he did not have an opponent next to him, but shot near the post. Eintracht seemed to take the lead, but Real dominated the field until the end of the first half. The Germans could not recover after receiving a goal.

Two goals and the end of Eintracht’s dreams

Real did a great job in the second part of the match, because they were playing the ball in the middle of the German team the whole time. They have also made great use of the lateral sectors of the field, which the Europa League winners have had a problem with. The Spanish capital could lead by two goals in the 55th minute. Mendy flew from the left wing and Vinicius controlled the ball in the penalty area, but Trapp did not surprise him. However, Eintracht lacked the idea to play an action that would have resulted in a draw.

In the 61st minute, the team behind our west the border She can talk about happiness. Casemiro got the ball right in front of the penalty area and with a technical shot, he tried to increase Real Madrid’s progress. The ball hit the crossbar though! What is delayed is not lost. Four minutes later, the Champions League fans exploded with joy. Vinicius pulled the ball fifteen metres, Benzema’s shot and … Trapp got in a bit strangely. He seemed to catch the ball, but let it pass through the goal. Real, after hitting Benzema, were already ahead 2:0. It seemed that Eintracht was on the verge of equalizing.

The second goal was only the Real winger, who delighted his players with the quality and pace of the match. They even played football in the opponent’s half and played it excellently near the penalty area. Eintracht was completely helpless. Even if one of the players started to respond, the Real Madrid defenders quickly intervened. Even the triple shift did not help. And although the last 10 minutes were better than the Frankfurt team, they were not accurate at the end.

As a result, Real Madrid won the European Super Cup for the fifth time, beating Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0. So it was confirmed that the Spanish national team, when it has the opportunity to play in the final of the European competition, is close to winning. In the number of European Super Cups won by Real Madrid, he faced Barcelona and Milan.

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