Anne Hathaway was supposed to play Barbie!  “I have no regrets. The right role finds the right person.”

film “Barbie” Directed by Gretty Gerwig It has conquered global cinemas, been a huge box office success and has “broke the bank too” – it has already grossed $1.4 billion!

Not everyone knows that in 2017, a production project about Barbie was announced, where she was scheduled to play the main role. American actress Anne Hathaway. In this version of the story, the titular doll was to be kicked out of Barbieland because she wasn’t perfect enough. In the end, nothing came of the project. Interestingly, the Hollywood actress herself is glad that the project did not happen.

“What Greta Gerwig created, Margot Robbie And their amazing team, it’s amazing. They won the jackpot. The whole world was in a state of ecstasy. “I personally think it’s a good thing the movie wasn’t made,” Hathaway said on the “Happy Sad Confused” radio show.

The actress also praised Margot Robbie, who played the main character in Gerwig’s film.

She added: “Margot is amazing. What she has done – not only as an actress, but also as a co-producer – is exciting and inspiring. Greta and Margot is the best possible version of the Barbie story.”

She admitted, “I don’t regret not playing Barbie. You have to learn to let go. The right role finds the right person. Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s not.”

“Barbie” It is a full-length live-action film Gretty Gerwig It takes place in pretty pink Barbie Land. In the film, we follow the story of the Barbie doll (played by… Margot Robbie), who faces an existential crisis that changes her ideal, carefree life. Ryan Gosling He plays Kane.

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