Krakow Municipal Corporation without cash.  One of the major projects failed

On December 20, council members will decide how much money will be allocated to finance the company in 2024. The city council has not guaranteed permanent funding for Krakow 5020 and has not secured funds in the long-term financial projections. This means that the company will have no money from the city, and its revenues will be so low that it will not be able to survive. Izabela Bawszczyk, President of Kraków 5020, calculated in an interview with “Wyborcza” that for the company to be able to carry out the tasks assigned by the city, it needs approximately PLN 50 million. At the same time, he will receive only PLN 15 million from the city. This means cuts and layoffs.

After March 1, many people will be turned away, and tourists will only be able to use the points at Wyspiański Pavilion, at ul. Saint Jana and at Krakow Airport. The remaining places – up to six points – will be closed or change owners.

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