“To Kill Sikal”: the best role of Olaf Lobaszenko.  He had to kill Boguslav Linda

The film’s director explained that although the events of “Killing Sekal” take place in Moravia, the story told on screen is so universal that the geographical location loses its importance.

“The story itself is a typical situation that could happen in almost any small village in Europe, at any time. It does not matter whether it is Austria, Slovakia, Denmark, Belgium, Norway or Poland. Millions were taken from People from their daily lives. life. Never before has humanity faced such a great ordeal. Never before have people been aware of their self-preservation instincts. Evil and violence have shed their masks. It was necessary to stand unconditionally against evil and try to destroy it. “Not everyone has the courage,” said director Vladimir Michalik.

We saw three Polish actors in the film – besides Olaf Lubaszynko and Boguslaw Linda, the star of the series “Złotopolscy”, Agnieszka Sitek, appeared in a supporting role. However, it was Olav Lobaszenko, who lost 12 kilograms especially for the role, who celebrated the biggest victories, receiving the Best Actor Award at the Karlovy Vary Festival and winning the Czech Academy of Film and Television Arts Award – Czech Lion and the Polish Film Award – Eagle.

“He has created a personality closed in on himself, strange here, cloudy, hiding some secrets, and at the same time emanating dignity and spiritual honesty. Tested by conscience, he wants to be loyal to his principles and ruthless, like his own blacksmith products under the ‘hammer and heat of fire.’ Choice and coercion – a champion between the two poles of evil, individual and collective,” wrote Wladyslaw Cibulski in “Dziennik Polski”.

Czech lion statues also went to composer Michal Lorinc and supporting actress – Agnieszka Sytek, who – according to Cebulski – “brought to the screen the strong determination of a country woman and a quiet beauty of a type that was somewhere between Ophelia and a Pre-Raphaelite Madonna.”

At the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, the film “Killing Sekal” won the award for best screenplay, written by Jiři Křižan – the son of a dissident killed by the communists and advisor to President Vaclav Havel.

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