Rick and Morty season 6 with atmospheric trailer

YouTube: Adult Swim, 2022

Season 5 Final Rick and Morty Early September 2021. At the end of July, the release date for Season 6 was released: September 4, 2022. While On August 11, Adult Swim posted the official trailer for the upcoming episodes on their YouTube channel About the adventures of a mad scientist and his beloved grandson.

In the trailer, we can see a kind of classic Rick and Morty: Killer robots, third-class confrontations and Jerry as a human shield. There will also be references to pop culture, for example when Rick suggests Summer to perform an iconic scene in the air ducts from glass trap. It’s all about the paranoid beat of Black Sabbath.

In Season 6, we’re sure to see the rest of Bad Morty’s plans, and find out how Rick would want to get to it without the Portal fluid supply.

All episodes of the final season of Rick and Morty will be available in Poland on HBO Max. The first episode will be available in our country the day after the premiere in America, i.e. September 5 in the morning.

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