The Academy invites: Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Joanna Kulig, Agnieszka Smozyńska
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited new members to its ranks – a total of 398 people, more than last year. The organizers made sure that among them were filmmakers from various departments: actors, directors, cameramen, screenwriters, producers, as well as costume designers, make-up artists, scenographers and sound engineers, as well as artists and publicists. Traditionally, the honorable mention group also included this year’s Oscar winners. A number of Polish filmmakers were also invited.

New people in American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences circles – including Polish women artists

The people invited to the Academy group include, among others, those responsible for the success of last year’s Oscar favorite, ie [b’]Everywhere All At One: Featuring Academy Award winner Ke Huy Quan, director duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, plus producer Jonathan Wang and editor Paul Rodgers. The list also includes the name of the winner of the Tire statuette ‘No change in the West’ James Friend.

Among the honorable group was also Cast and actresses: Vicky Krebs, Austin Butler, Nicholas Hoult and Joanna Kulig, as well as directors and directors: Josef Kosinski and Agnieszka Smozyńska, who made her first English-language film last year. The silent twins Starring Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence.

The Academy’s roster includes more Polish filmmakers and also receives the invitations: cameraman Golanta Delowska (“In Darkness”, “Eagle. Last Patrol”), editor Agnieszka Glińska (“Silent Twins”, “IO”) and screenwriter Ewa Piaskowska (“IO”) ).

On the other hand, the invitees from the music community can be proud of, among others: Taylor Swift, The Weeknd – who can now be seen in the HBO series “Idol” — and David Byrne, founder of Talking Heads.

If all invitees respond positively to the academy’s letter, the total number of members with active voting rights will be 9375, and with retired members – 10817.

The full list of filmmakers and artists invited by the Academy can be found on the official website of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on the link here.

And HERE >> The Oscars are not for films that don’t feature women, gay people and ethnic minorities You’ll learn about the new rules for awarding the Academy Awards, which will come into effect from next year’s edition.

Yesterday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the names of the honorary Oscar winners for this year. They used to receive awards during the Oscars, and now they have their own event – the Governors Awards. The fourteenth concert will take place on November 18 in Los Angeles. You will read more about it here.

Trailer for the movie “Silent Twins”

The story of June and Jennifer Gibbons – twins who, as little girls, are silent in front of the outside world, which was not without consequences for their future lives.

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