Omegle is one of the most popular online video chat sites on the Internet today. It has existed since 2009 and during this time millions have used its functions. Not just regular users, but popular bloggers and even Hollywood stars.

Omegle has experienced many ups and downs in over 12 years of its existence, the same as its main (at least initially) competitor — ChatRoulette. In the early years, millions used it daily, but then numerous more functional rivals appeared, which lured a significant number of users away. Many people quickly discovered that Omegle’s alternatives are much more convenient, offer more interesting and useful features, and are also safer thanks to good moderation and full-fledged support.

Why Omegle can’t be called the perfect video chat site

Omegle (like ChatRoulette) has many disadvantages, which can be listed endlessly. But one of the main ones is the lack of a mobile application. Nowadays, this is a very serious omission, due to which this video chat site loses out to many of its rivals.

Why is the absence of an Omegle app bad for users in the first place? There are several reasons:

  1. You’re always attached to your computer or laptop.This causes a lot of inconvenience. Of course you can use the web version of the site, which has been adapted for smartphones and tablets. But this is far from the same as a full-fledged application. You have to use a browser, enter the site address each time or search for it in bookmarks, and so on, which becomes very inconvenient. Also, in many browsers, if you drag the page down with your finger, it will instantly refresh and the connection will be terminated. Just one careless movement, and you will lose an interesting chat partner forever.
  2. It ruins the idea of quick internet dating.To start chatting in a video chat application, you usually need only two steps: 1 — tap the program icon to launch it, 2 — click the “Start” button. If you want, you can specify additional search settings, but this is not necessary. The web version will require more actions, many of which, after using the application, seem completely unnecessary, and a waste of time.
  3. Not all sites, unlike applications, are designed for mobile devices.A poor layout, an incorrect location or even the absence of some elements of the site are quite common for mobile versions, especially on non-standard devices. Omegle’s website is well adapted, but still not perfect. It is very inconvenient to use it on a small smartphone screen.

To put it simply, if you have to choose between two identical video chat sites, where one has an application and the other does not, choosing in favor of the former is obvious. The only exception to the rule is if you have an old phone with a full memory, or if your operating system version is not supported. But now these are quite rare occurrences.

Great Omegle alternative apps with broader functionality

Interesting fact: there are currently about 8,000 online dating services in the world. Most of them are video chat sites — alternatives to Omegle.

As with classic dating apps, the chat roulette segment has its own leaders and followers. Let’s take a look at the sites that are most popular with the audience.


OmeTV is a popular anonymous video chat that has a very usable web version, as well as apps for iOS and Android. At OmeTV, you can:

  • indicate your gender for a more accurate search for the right partner
  • choose your language of communication
  • automatically translate messages into your selected language.

You can also send text messages directly during a video conversation, very easily.

Operation is very intuitive in the application: swipe to the left to search for a chat partner, or swipe to the right to end the conversation. Additionally, OmeTV uses artificial intelligence to analyze user behavior and, if someone does something inappropriate, quickly bans them. But judging by the reviews, the algorithm is often mistaken and blocks people who have not violated any rules.


A popular video chat app for Android, which offers many convenient options for users:

  • live chat with random people all over the world
  • text chat for those who like to start dating via direct message
  • filter by region and gender
  • virtual gifts that can be presented to other users you like

Omega operates in more than 100 countries around the world, which significantly increases the chances of a successful match. According to its developers, security of communication in Omega is ensured by proprietary AI-algorithms that track any violations of video chat rules and block violators quickly and permanently.


Tume is  a quite simple but highly usable app for iOS and Android, which provides users with several convenient features:

  • completely random video chat with strangers
  • gender filter for a more accurate search for matches
  • private text chat with new friends
  • virtual gifts

Interestingly, on Tume, in addition to the usual bans on insults, threats and similar, there’s also a prohibition on political topics. If you actively discuss politics and speak out bluntly or aggressively, you may be blocked.

Omegle Brazil

Omegle Brazil is one of the most popular video chat apps among a male audience, and a unique alternative to Omegle. This is all thanks to the fact that the platform connects them exclusively with girls. Also, each girl confirms her identity when registering, thanks to which there are no fakes and bots in Omegle Brasil.

Other interesting features of the video chat Omegle in Brazil include:

  • flexible search settings for chat partners among verified girls
  • high-quality moderation 24/7
  • video and text chat
  • high quality connection even with slow internet

In addition, Omegle Brazil allows you to use all its features and tools for free during a trial period.


Monkey is a very interesting video chat application for Android (there’s also a web version) in which, in addition to the classic chat roulette functions, there is something called the Duo function. It works as follows:

  1. You go to the Duo section and copy the link to invite a friend.
  2. You send the link to another person to join you.
  3. Monkey соединяет вас двоих со случайным собеседником и вы общаетесь втроем.
  4. Monkey connects the two of you with a random chat partner and the three of you communicate.

Among video chat apps, this feature is truly unique. Perhaps other Omegle alternatives will implement something similar in the future, but currently Monkey is the pioneer.


HOLLA is a popular video chat application used in over 40 countries around the world. Here you can communicate by video, voice or text. For a more accurate chat partner selection, you can use gender and geographic filters.

Among the useful features of HOLLA are original video filters and stickers that help make communication fun and show your creativity. Much of its video chat functionality is available for free. The app is available for Android only.


Camsurf is a video chat site and app with a quite flexible set of features. Here you can not only use gender and geographic filters, but also:

  • hide your own location
  • use safe search
  • show a verification badge
  • collect subscribers for your social networks
  • add an introductory message
  • искать собеседников по интересам и прочее.
  • search for people by interests, and so on

Many of these features are only available with a premium account, but in general Camsurf is free to use.

The bottom line: more apps — more freedom

More and more Omegle rivals are focusing on mobile applications, and less on the web versions. Already there are services that work exclusively as mobile apps, and it’s impossible to use them through a browser full stop. And this is a completely logical step, making desktop sites more and more obsolete.

Currently the main mobile platforms are iOS and Android. Most video chat developers release applications for both operating systems (although there are exceptions). In addition, another major player has recently appeared on the market — Huawei’s operating system, called Harmony OS. It’s likely that soon we’ll see video chat programs for it, as for developers this is a great opportunity to cover the large Asian market.

As a result, we’re confident that chat roulettes without mobile applications will soon have no chance to compete with multi-platform services. And if an Omegle app does not see the light of day in the coming years, the service may lose a significant part of its audience. Therefore, the developers should focus on this issue as soon as possible.

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