March 28, 2023


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What should you watch on ICI Tou.TV and Club Illico Extra? Pres And its journalists suggest some ideas.

Mechanic (ILLIGO CLUB)

Mechanic It didn’t come out like a very popular series in Chicago Fire Or Station 19. It is a very substantial and sensitive proposal. scene of Mechanic Focuses on the heart of Mécantiqueois, which was at the center of this terrible railway tragedy. Before the train crash, two months later, what is their life like? It’s there Mechanic Brings us: the upside-down everyday life of ordinary people, told with humanity and realism. The special effects are particularly successful, nothing less Cheap In this high quality miniseries.

Hugo Dumas


Cinema buffs interested in film history will certainly be happy to connect the various characters with the actual craftsmen who inspired them, but this abundance leaves the general impression of an impossible catch-all with a large number of people participating. Fortunately, Babylon (Babylon in the French version) is preceded by a very moving last act, during which the magic of cinema reclaims its rights.

Marc-Andre Lussier

About Anthony (ILLIGO CLUB)

Plan B, Season 4 (Extra from

If Pier-Luc Funk doesn’t land the gender-neutral acting categories at the upcoming Gemini Awards in Houston, we’ve got a problem. The 28-year-old actor delivers a stunning performance in the fourth season of the hit miniseries Project B. From one episode to another, the actor goes from a finished donkey to a distressed grown-up we want to hug.

Hugo Dumas

Eyes closed (Extra from

Despite its deceptive appearance, Eyes closed The classic case of a pedophile priest who assaulted teenagers and confessed his sins 30 years later is never seen again. The scene digs deep into an aching sadness. Eyes closed There are only six one-hour episodes and no sequels. With this tsunami of TV series invading us, isn’t it better to treat yourself a little faster than to be in a tele-relationship for five or seven years?

Hugo Dumas

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